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A Winning Loss

Employee wellness programs are on the rise, with more than two-thirds of employers planning to expand their offerings in the next three to five years. But for those dollars to deliver results, employers must also rethink how they approach prevention, especially…

Interview with a Wellness Manager, Sapoznik Insurance

Jenny Dodson-Jenkins - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

The Corporate Health & Wellness Association recently sat down with Rodica Charles who is the wellness manager at Sapoznik Insurance.  She has shared her philosophy about being a wellness professional, her strategy to ensure her clients are well-served,…

The Next Step in Wellness Program Personalization

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Join JP Bewley, CEO of Big Cloud Analytics LIVE from the offices of the Corporate Health & Wellness Association as he unveils EVO, a new tool to supercharge engagement in your wellness program with personalization. Mr. Bewley will be on Facebook live to…

Wellness Interviews

Watch Michael Susi Share His 6 Tenets of Wellness

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

At least year's Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, Michael Susi, Global Wellness Manager for LinkedIn took the time to speak with Corporate Wellness Magazine about the importance of learning thes individual needs of all people, and creating a wellness…

Why the CEO of Virgin Pulse Did Not Go to Med School

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With a professional history steeped in corporate and consumer loyalty programs, Chris Boyce landed at Virgin Pulse in 2006 as the company’s EVP, Product, Marketing and Business Development with his personal mission in tow—to help make a difference in people’s…

Above and Beyond with Nate Boyer, Professional Athlete and American Hero

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

In 2004, Nate Boyer saw the devastating photos from Darfur on the cover of Time Magazine. It was then that his journey began to make a difference. In the years to follow, Boyer bought a plane ticket to Africa and volunteered at a refugee camp in the…

The Secret Trick to Make a Difference in Health – Value Your Body

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

People may have a tough time pronouncing his name, but Dr. Uche Odiatu takes that in stride—his passion is to speak to hundreds of men and women at a time at conferences worldwide in order to ignite their passion for their own health. When I settled into…

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Being Arianna Huffington

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

In preparation of her keynote address at the upcoming Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, Corporate Wellness Magazine spoke to Arianna Huffington to learn more about the importance of sleep. Here is what she had to say. CWM: Why do you believe…

Worksite wellness gets a leg up from standing desks.

Why Do We Sit for so Long? An Ergonomic Designer Takes the Sitting Disease to Task

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

As ergonomic thought leaders tailor their products and services to the growing needs of employers seeking answers to employee back pain from sitting all day, they hope to do more than mass market their wares—they want to help people regain a sense of…

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GE Brings Wellness to Life

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We asked Jason Morgan, director of Global Health and Wellness at GE Healthcare, about the company’s wellness program and ROI, creating a culture of wellness, and the role of incentives, gamification and much more. Corporate Wellness Magazine: What about…

Dr. K. Andrew Crighton, chief medical officer, and Maureen Corcoran, vice president of Health, Life and Inclusion at Prudential

Prudential, Inc.: Financial Wellness and Bottom Line

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study, Column, Corporate Wellness Interviews

Prudential Financial, Inc. is a Fortune Global 500 company dealing primarily with financial services like investing and insurance in the United States and 30 countries across the globe. With more than 48,000 employees and total assets of more than $766.65…

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini

Forget ROI: Aetna CEO’s Perspective on Wellness & Functionality

Mark Bertolini was no ordinary patient. After  breaking  his neck in five places during a ski accident in 2004, the chairman, chief executive officer and president at Aetna turned his back on conventional painkillers for combating his partial paralysis.…

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