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Putting Wellness Training to Work – A Case Study with Sapoznik

The connection between healthy employees and company performance have long been a factor for employers to seek well-being programs for their employees. There are some that have intrinsically woven the well-being program into the culture of their company philosophy…

Risk-Based Health Interventions Lead to Improvements – A Case Study

Danielle Keenan & Jeralyn Brossfield - in Case Study

It's no surprise that chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension and severe obesity are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Together, they are responsible for seven out of 10 deaths and kill more than 1.7 million Americans…

Wellness is Prime Real Estate at Keller Williams

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study

Managing a wellness program is never easy given the perceived involvement into the personal lives of your employees. It is even harder when the employees are spread across the globe. This is the obstacle facing Keller Williams Realty and their Wellness Manager,…

Portrait of African American woman with severe headache

Your Headaches Aren’t Caused By What You Think

By Dr.Alex Ritza & Ben Walker - in Case Study

I know you might think that chocolate, wine, stress, bad posture or another factor might cause your headaches but I can guarantee that they are not the cause! First, however, a little science before I tell you about Jackie. Consider the importance of knowing…

Case Study – Deloitte and Touche

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study

Deloitte, a professional services firm, knows the value of employees who are engaged. With over 70,000 employees in 100 locations across the U.S., Deloitte provides services in audit and risk, consulting, financial advisory, and tax. As a professional services…

How Intel Employees Keep Their Dishes Fresh banner

Cooking With Intel – How Intel Employees Keep Their Dishes Fresh

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study

Movement. Nutrition. Mindset. Recovery. These four pillars make up the foundation of Intel Corporation’s wellness program, Vitality. “This is a real shift from relying on biometric-based clinical type of wellness program to a lifestyle activity-based…

The Company that Plays Together, Stays Together

Kerry Alison Wekelo - in Case Study

Keeping your wellness program fresh and fun is key to employee participation. At Actualize Consulting, we offer at least one company-wide wellness challenge each year, and have discovered that healthy competition is a major motivator. In the past, our wellness…

Case studies looking into the corporate wellness programs of Lam Research, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Western Reserve Hospital

Employer Case Studies – Lam Research, Royal Caribbean Cruses, LTD., and Western Reserve Hospital

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study

Case Study 1 - Lam Research Lam Research is an American multinational corporation operating in Austria, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States and designs, manufactures and services semiconductor equipment to create integrated circuits. Located in Fremont, California,…

Mindfulness techniques are shown to help employee productivity.

Mindfulness in the Workplace: Where Peacefulness and Productivity Intersect

Erica Rayner-Horn - in Case Study, Others

Stress in today’s workplace is endemic and ever increasing. Why is this? We live in a culture where multi-tasking, distraction and overwhelm are the norm. We are bombarded with soundbites, Facebook posts, email and text messages. The workplace has become…

A case study with American Express detailing their disease education programs

American Express: Leveraging Non-traditional Disease Education into Wellness Strategies

Thomas Bognanno - in Case Study, Column, Diabetes

Many people may not know that health nonprofits do more than invest research money for cures. The discoveries that come from
research include why diseases occur, therapies and medications that can help manage them and the information that can

Nucor Steel's weight loss program had employees changing their mind on food and sleep..

Nucor Steel Medical Weight-Loss Program

Nucor Steel, a Fortune 300 company and the largest manufacturer of recycled steel in the United States, embodies a culture that can be summarized by a decentralized management philosophy, performance-based compensation, customer service and quality, technical…

Dr. K. Andrew Crighton, chief medical officer, and Maureen Corcoran, vice president of Health, Life and Inclusion at Prudential

Prudential, Inc.: Financial Wellness and Bottom Line

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study, Column, Corporate Wellness Interviews

Prudential Financial, Inc. is a Fortune Global 500 company dealing primarily with financial services like investing and insurance in the United States and 30 countries across the globe. With more than 48,000 employees and total assets of more than $766.65…

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