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Jenny Dodson

The Secret Trick to Make a Difference in Health – Value Your Body

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

People may have a tough time pronouncing his name, but Dr. Uche Odiatu takes that in stride—his passion is to speak to hundreds of men and women at a time at conferences worldwide in order to ignite their passion for their own health. When I settled into…

Women in Wellness - Tory Burch, Wellness Pioneer, Health Champion, Fashion designer, Businesswoman, and Philanthropist

Powerful Women in Corporate Wellness – Tory Burch

Jenny Dodson - in Wearable Devices

Because wellness is so often associated with strength, what do strong women offer to the world of wellness? What strong women offer their families, their work and communities when it comes to wellness can be life altering. Women who with dogged determination…

Lady Gaga posing for Vanity Fair

Going Gaga for our Best Self – Warrior Women in Wellness Award

This article is the second in a series examining the impact of women in the wellness world. You can find the first article here. Singing the National Anthem at the 2016 Super Bowl is Lady Gaga’s well-deserved accolade to young women whose star wattage rests…

Movement and the Conference Experience

Movement and the Attendee Experience

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA), an independent resource for corporate wellness education, featured a $100,000 plus wearable giveaway for attendees. Seven different wearable technology manufacturers provided devices for attendees to use…

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