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Charles Bens, PhD.

Dr. Bens is a wellness consultant with his company Healthy at Work in Sarasota, Florida. He works with progressive brokers and employers to help employees prevent and reverse chronic disease with evidence-based educational programs. He has written nine books, over 200 articles and three university courses. He is one of the highest rated health speakers for Vistage International, the largest CEO organization in the world and was recently named the Vail Visiting Professor for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.
Feed your Brain!

The Care and Feeding of the Brain

by Charles K. Bens, Ph.D. - in Focused

The brain is probably our most complicated and influential organ because it is the control center for virtually everything that happens in our body. Whether we are working, playing, eating or sleeping it is the brain that decides how well we perform and the…

What is Workplace Wellness

What is Workplace Wellness, Really?

Written by Dr. Charles Bens - in Worksite Wellness

Many employers are struggling with the concept of workplace wellness for a number of reasons.  At the outset, some employers simply do not feel that they have any responsibility for the health of their employees.  They feel that this is a very personal responsibility…

A pair of jeans with a tape measure belt showing weight loss

Why Do Weight Loss Studies Get Mixed Results?

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Column

The debate over the best weight loss diet has been raging since John Rollo first promoted a low carbohydrate diet for diabetics in the late 1700’s. Over the preceding two centuries, there have been hundreds of studies comparing the different diets. Perhaps…

An image of an older woman running on the beach

Weight Loss for Women of a Certain Age

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Column

After women reach the age of forty, they may begin to experience difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight, even if they have not changed anything in their lifestyle or behavior.  There are several reasons why this happens, and understanding them can be…

A nurse holding a salad.

Eating a Good Diet is Not Good Enough

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Others

For years we have been told, “Make small changes in your diet,” and, “It’s okay to cheat sometimes,” or, “Just shop in the outer isles of the food stores.”  These eating behavior platitudes seem harmless, because anything that encourages people…

A stethoscope on an explanation of benefits

Employers Make Costly Healthcare Mistakes Every Day

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Economics

Most readers will find it hard to believe that a vast majority of employers are costing themselves millions of dollars every year. That is to say that they are totally on board with conventional medicine’s approach to addressing our crisis of chronic disease…

To start Changing Lifestyles you need to focus.

Changing Lifestyles of Employees – Creating a Sense of Urgency

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Focused

Employers from coast to coast are facing a troubling problem, how to get their employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviors.

Cutting nutritional and healthy fruit and vegetables for a salad

The Growing Gap Between Nutritional Promise and Behavior

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Economics

The gap between personal nutritional behavior and what scientists say can be achieved with better nutrition is growing faster than the national debt. There is scant evidence that many people are adopting truly healthy diets, as can be seen by some recent statistics.

An insulin monitor

Sugar and Insulin: Double Edged Swords

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Others

AIc levels of 5.7 or above are said to be problematic. AIc measures the amount of glucose that has attached to hemoglobin over the past 3 to 4 months.

An crossing the street and talking on the phone on the way to work.

Changing Employee Lifestyles: Creating a Sense of Urgency

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Others

Employers from coast to coast have a common and a troubling problem; how to get employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviors

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