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Corporate Wellness Magazine is the only magazine completely dedicated to bringing the latest workplace wellness programs to employers across the globe, reaching a network of over 1.5 million HR, Benefit, and Wellness Professionals. Advertising in Corporate Wellness Magazine will put your product in front of the eyes of wellness decision-makers, who come to us looking for unique and powerful solutions for their wellness programming.

Consider this:

  • Almost 70% of Americans search for medical information online
  • It is estimated that over 1/3rd of employers look for their health insurance options on the internet, and this number is growing. The majority of others gather information from insurance agents.
  • Over 80% of insurance agents gather information about mini-medical, limited medical and worksite plans online through the internet.
  • Over 113 million Americans search for health information online
  • Most Americans now gather information online through search engines such as Google and Yahoo
  • The Majority of Americans gather information on news through online websites and not through print media. (This is why many newspapers and magazines are going out of business and laying off employees

Advertising with Corporate Wellness Magazine allows you to:

  • Advertise to a targeted audience and save money by reaping the benefit of online and print exposure
  • Reach thousands of C-Suite Executives, insurance agents, MGA’s, employers, insurance carriers, governments, unions, vendors, and other industry participants
  • Generate inquiries and sales leads from healthcare professionals, buyers and sellers
  • Increase your “Brand Name Reputation” throughout the country through CWM nationwide distribution
  • Educate the world on the solutions your organization provides and why your organization is unique
  • Maximize your online presence by reaching CWM’s 300,000 annual online readers

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Seth Golbe Strategy and Engagement Leader
Phone: 561-792-4418 ext. 825

Jenny Dodson Executive Director Phone: 561-790-1176 ext. 810

Email:[email protected]

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