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Fostering Collaboration Through Wellness – A Case Study

Madeline Yaskowski - in Worksite Wellness

When running a company, you want to make sure the employees feel like they are a part of a team; fostering a sense of fellowship and cooperation is vital to employee satisfaction.  For offices where team members see each other every day of the week, this…

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5 CLUES Every Wellness Program Needs

Daniel Pyne - in Worksite Wellness

Employers offer wellness programs to reduce administrative costs and create a positive employee experience. Despite constant changes in the U.S. healthcare system and legislation, employer-sponsored employee benefits are a key asset to employees’ compensation…

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How Can Your Company Support Well-Being Improvement?

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

Great organizations know that well-being is key for people to thrive at work. And when employees believe they have support from their organization, they’re more likely to have higher well-being. Plain and simple: Organizational support drives employee well-being…

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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Kicking Off a Well-Being Program

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

A great well-being program gets employees ready to do great work. When employees show up healthy, energized and with a purpose, they’re more engaged. Seventy-six percent more engaged than employees with lower well-being, according to recent research. It’s…

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Wellness Incentives and Gilligan’s Island

Al Lewis - in Worksite Wellness

What determines whether incentives work or fail?  This posting answers that question, which is as old as workplace wellness itself, in 550 words. Suppose your company offers to pay 100 employees to take 10,000 steps a day for the next 5 days.  If you pay…

How to Engage and Manage Millennials in Your Workforce

Alison Brehme - in Worksite Wellness

There has been no shortage of information when it comes to Millennials and the workforce. It seems that it’s something everyone wants to talk about these days. Plus, 2017 also marks the first time that Generation Z will be joining the workforce. Times are…

How To Make Your Work Environment More Enjoyable Without A Huge Investment

Kim Bassett - in Worksite Wellness

We spend on average eight hours a day at work. That translates to roughly 2,080 hours per year. This means we spend about a quarter of our life each year at work. With another quarter spent sleeping and a third quarter keeping our households running, this…

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Testing Employees for Prostate Cancer

Many screening vendors propose testing for prostate cancer, using the prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, test. (There is another way to check for prostate cancer, but I can't describe it in a family publication like Corporate Wellness. Plus I don't want to…

Hacking Performance in the Workplace

Nathan Walz - in Worksite Wellness

Employers that improve workplace performance can have a significant impact on their bottom line. To do this, many employers are investing in wellness programs to keep their employees healthy, happy, and productive. Work related injuries and illness, chronic…

Top 5 Health Trends for Worksite Wellness that Are Yielding Companies Major Rewards

Gerry Morton - in Worksite Wellness

 More and more corporations and companies around the world are beginning to realize the benefits of creating a work environment which encourages health, wellness, and optimum fitness for their employees. Around the world, more and more companies and corporations…

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Six Tips to Promote Your Own Wellness at Work

Apryl Schlueter - in Worksite Wellness

How important is “wellness” in the workplace? I’d say it’s extremely important! I learned this lesson the hard way when I hit a burnout point in my advancing career, which as a result seriously impacted my health and caused me to take a medical leave…

Help Make Your Office a Blue Zone, You’ll Live Longer

Jenny Dodson - in Worksite Wellness

Nick Buettner, in front of a crowd of business owners, professionals, faith-based organizations, government officials and citizens of the county, told those assembled about Blue Zones – areas in the world where individuals live longer and healthier lives.…