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employee discussing prostate cancer with their doctor.

Testing Employees for Prostate Cancer

Many screening vendors propose testing for prostate cancer, using the prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, test. (There is another way to check for prostate cancer, but I can't describe it in a family publication like Corporate Wellness. Plus I don't want to…

Hacking Performance in the Workplace

Nathan Walz - in Worksite Wellness

Employers that improve workplace performance can have a significant impact on their bottom line. To do this, many employers are investing in wellness programs to keep their employees healthy, happy, and productive. Work related injuries and illness, chronic…

Top 5 Health Trends for Worksite Wellness that Are Yielding Companies Major Rewards

Gerry Morton - in Worksite Wellness

 More and more corporations and companies around the world are beginning to realize the benefits of creating a work environment which encourages health, wellness, and optimum fitness for their employees. Around the world, more and more companies and corporations…

wellness at work

Six Tips to Promote Your Own Wellness at Work

Apryl Schlueter - in Worksite Wellness

How important is “wellness” in the workplace? I’d say it’s extremely important! I learned this lesson the hard way when I hit a burnout point in my advancing career, which as a result seriously impacted my health and caused me to take a medical leave…

Help Make Your Office a Blue Zone, You’ll Live Longer

Jenny Dodson - in Worksite Wellness

Nick Buettner, in front of a crowd of business owners, professionals, faith-based organizations, government officials and citizens of the county, told those assembled about Blue Zones – areas in the world where individuals live longer and healthier lives.…

The Employee Health and Wellness Program Code of Conduct

Al Lewis - in Others, Worksite Wellness

Many employers assume that their wellness vendors will not harm their employees. Yet there have been myriad examples of exactly that. Employees are harmed every time vendors flout clinical guidelines, as they are wont to do. (Most vendors don’t even disclose…

The Office Eeyore: How They Negatively Impact the Workplace

Rebecca Gicante - in Worksite Wellness

Weekday mornings start the same for many of us. The alarm buzzes, we reluctantly roll out of bed, and then prepare ourselves for the upcoming day. It’s a fairly regimented daily routine, which is necessary if we want to get to work, or elsewhere, on time.…

Thermal comfort in the office

How Thermal Comfort Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Rebecca Gicante - in Worksite Wellness

Last week, I decided to take a moment to sort through my closet. I leaned in and started shuffling the hangers from left to right so that I could identify each item. While doing this, I realized that clothes for every season were hanging in there. Short sleeved…

Leveraging data to improve health

How Leveraging Data Can Improve Well-being

Pam Mortenson - in Worksite Wellness

Data analytics has emerged and grown as a critical tool throughout the healthcare industry, and workplace health and benefits are no different. As workplace well-being programs continue to evolve, data analytics plays a key role in both shaping program development…

employee incentive business concept as a group of businessmen and businesswomen running on a track towards a dangling carrot on a moving cable as a financial reward metaphor to motivate for a goal.

Carrots, Sticks or Knowledge: Is Your Wellness Program Making the Right Choice?

Dr. Jeanine Joy - in Worksite Wellness

Is your organization using carrots or sticks in an effort to improve outcomes in your corporate wellness program? Do you understand what the research shows about offering carrots for outcomes people are already intrinsically motivated to accomplish? Intrinsic…

How To Gracefully Handle Political Discussions At Work

How to Handle Political Discussions in the Office

Kerry Wekelo Elam - in Worksite Wellness

We are taught that we should not talk about politics or religion in the workplace; however, as our nation is faced with intense political divide and the media streaming negativity, it is only natural that political discussions are showing up at work again.…

in a company whose structural basis is the 9 to 5 workday, managers are getting the short end of the stick.

Why Managers Should be Careful of the 9 to 5 Workday

Chris Hunting - in Worksite Wellness

As companies shift toward health and wellness in the workplace, many companies such as Wegmans and Colgate-Palmolive are adopting a more flexible approach to employee work hours. But in a company whose structural basis is the 9 to 5 workday, managers are getting…