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5 Ways Your Culture Can Support Well-Being and Engagement

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

Company culture tells people what’s acceptable — it’s traditionally seen as the beliefs, norms and behaviors that show people “how things are done here.” In order for culture to flourish, it needs to visibly (and authentically) demonstrate support…

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Giving Back Through Wellness

Madeline Yaskowski - in Worksite Wellness

Traditional corporate wellness programs tend to have low impact, with reliance on non-interactive components such as health screenings and gym memberships. A more innovative and far-reaching approach uses wellness as a tool for collaboration, with teamwork…

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Population Health Management Strategies Challenges and Advice From Aetna International

Daniel Pyne - in Worksite Wellness

For Aetna International, their focus on population health management involves helping large governments and large payers improve the infrastructure of their healthcare system to produce better outcomes for patients. While Aetna International has projects…

Interview with Lorna Borenstein

Q & A: An Interview with Lorna Borenstein, CEO of Grokker

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Worksite Wellness

Grokker is a subscription-based website and app that publishes short health and well-being videos featuring activities like yoga, meditation, nutrition and more. At last year’s Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, Corporate Wellness Magazine had the…

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Why Your Team Needs to Support Well-Being Improvement

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

Engaged employees are the key to business success. At Limeade, we define employee engagement as the deep connection and sense of purpose at work that creates extra energy and commitment. It’s more than employee satisfaction or participation in any employee…

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Why A Health Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals As An Employer

Melissa Dupuis - in Worksite Wellness

As an employer, you have goals for your company’s growth and success and a vision of how you want to get there. Sure, we all want to be super successful, earn a healthy income and drive sales through the end of the quarter, but how do you plan on doing that…

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Sleep: Why Should Leadership and HR Take Notice?

Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA, The Sleep Ambassador® Director, Circadian Corporate Sleep Programs - in Worksite Wellness

Evidence of our 24/7 culture’s impact on our sleep is showing up more and more, including at work. According to the CDC over 30% of the U.S. workforce is not getting the sleep they need and sleep deprivation is a public health epidemic.1 It’s becoming…

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For Businesses, Small Steps Can Have a Big Impact on Community Health

Karen Moseley - in Worksite Wellness

The population of the United States is changing rapidly. We’re older and more diverse than we’ve ever been, and we’re not going back anytime soon. As the face of the country changes, it’s becoming increasingly clear that old approaches to wellness…

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6 Key Ways To Reduce Employee Stress While Remaining Efficient

Dr. Vikram Tarugu - in Worksite Wellness

High levels of stress can compromise the quality of your employees’ work. It is also a leading cause of absenteeism and can ultimately cost you as the owner, manager or team leader. Stress reduction exercises can also be time-consuming, so how do you strike…

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How Facebook Empowers Workplace Wellness with ‘Smart’ Vending Machines

by Mike Pitts - in Worksite Wellness

It’s no secret that healthier, more engaged employees are more effective at work than their peers. A recent Gallup research survey found that already-engaged employees experience even higher performance outcomes when physical wellness programming is added…

5 Ways Managers Can Support Well-Being Improvement

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

Manager support matters. A lot. In fact, our research indicates that managers are the single most important driver of how supported your people feel. And when employees feel their employer supports their well-being, they’re 38 percent more engaged. Managers…

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Are You an Office Worker? Why Your Health May Be at More Risk Than You Think

Michael Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

While office workers typically feel that they are safe on the job and don’t have to worry about health issues or injuries, the fact is that accidents and illnesses can crop up anywhere. People often slip, trip, or fall at work; have poor posture or strain…