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Show Some Backbone: How You Can Support Spine Health in the Workplace

Michael D. Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

Humans have monkey spines. While we swiftly evolved sophisticated hands and enormous brains, our backs never caught up to our upright stance. Thus, we still boast the s-curved spine of beasts that walk on four legs, and thus, we are all exceedingly susceptible…

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3 Reasons for Hands-on Giving

Kerry Alison Wekelo & Madeline Yaskowski - in Worksite Wellness

Giving back is something many companies like to claim, but what kind of giving do they do and is it heartfelt? Although monetary donations can do amazing things for worthy causes, it’s often hard to tell whether companies are donating for the benefit of…

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The Triumph of the Meritocracy: A Guide for Health and Wellness

Lewis Fein - in Worksite Wellness

How can we promote corporate wellness without a guide – an accurate and impartial one – that enables us to distinguish between alleged experts and actual ones? How can employers encourage employees to make good health a priority, when there is little or…

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Looking Good and Feeling Well: The Goshly Approach to Corporate Wellness

Lewis Fein - in Worksite Wellness

Corporate wellness is an improbable ideal –– unless there is an obvious commitment to style. That is, it is hard to encourage people to buy health insurance, or to enroll in an online course about nutrition and fitness; it is hard to improve a worker's…

close up hands wrapped in tailor measure tape covering face of young depressed and worried girl

Wellness Programs and Eating Disorders: A Potentially Lethal Combination

Imagine if you were a recovering alcoholic. You hadn’t taken a drink in quite some time, attended AA meetings conscientiously, and were getting on with your life. Then your employer had a drinking contest and told you that you weren’t drinking enough.…

detail of blood screening results prinitng with focus on cholesterol

Why Health Screening Programs Fail and What Employers Can Do About It

By Pete Desai - in Worksite Wellness

Employer-sponsored health insurance plans cover more than half of the country’s non-elderly population, reports the Kaiser Family Foundation in its 2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey. This reflects a significant expense and investment in the health, wellness,…

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5 Ways Your Culture Can Support Well-Being and Engagement

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

Company culture tells people what’s acceptable — it’s traditionally seen as the beliefs, norms and behaviors that show people “how things are done here.” In order for culture to flourish, it needs to visibly (and authentically) demonstrate support…

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Giving Back Through Wellness

Madeline Yaskowski - in Worksite Wellness

Traditional corporate wellness programs tend to have low impact, with reliance on non-interactive components such as health screenings and gym memberships. A more innovative and far-reaching approach uses wellness as a tool for collaboration, with teamwork…

physicians discussing in office about treatment results

Population Health Management Strategies Challenges and Advice From Aetna International

Daniel Pyne - in Worksite Wellness

For Aetna International, their focus on population health management involves helping large governments and large payers improve the infrastructure of their healthcare system to produce better outcomes for patients. While Aetna International has projects…

Interview with Lorna Borenstein

Q & A: An Interview with Lorna Borenstein, CEO of Grokker

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Worksite Wellness

Grokker is a subscription-based website and app that publishes short health and well-being videos featuring activities like yoga, meditation, nutrition and more. At last year’s Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, Corporate Wellness Magazine had the…

Team of employees putting their hand together

Why Your Team Needs to Support Well-Being Improvement

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

Engaged employees are the key to business success. At Limeade, we define employee engagement as the deep connection and sense of purpose at work that creates extra energy and commitment. It’s more than employee satisfaction or participation in any employee…

smiling young woman timing a man doing pushups while ex health coachercising together outside on a beachside promenade on a sunny day

Why A Health Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals As An Employer

Melissa Dupuis - in Worksite Wellness

As an employer, you have goals for your company’s growth and success and a vision of how you want to get there. Sure, we all want to be super successful, earn a healthy income and drive sales through the end of the quarter, but how do you plan on doing that…

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