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How Small Businesses Can Attract Employees Like a Large Employer

How Small Businesses Can Attract Employees Like a Large Employer

Michael Estep - in Voluntary Benefits

Small businesses accounted for 40 percent of new jobs over the past two decades1.  Now more than ever, small business owners face the challenge of competing with larger companies to attract and retain employees. Employees expect their employer to offer a…

Discuss value-added services with your employees.

Value-Added Services Enhance Benefits and Well-being

Matthew Owenby - in Voluntary Benefits

As human resource professionals begin preparing for the year ahead, it’s never too early to learn about new products that can enhance a company’s benefits package for the upcoming open enrollment period. With more health care responsibility falling on…

Marketing has a big effect on voluntary benefits.

IBM, Disney and Microsoft’s Impact on Voluntary Benefits

By Matt Gabrielson & Rob J. Thurston - in Voluntary Benefits

In the following discussion, we want to suggest that many employers will add more and more Voluntary Benefits due to what Disney and Microsoft have done. When one considers legends of marketing, Walt Disney of Disney and Bill Gates of Microsoft may come to…


Employee Discount and Purchase Programs – A Smart Employee Benefits Strategy

by Elizabeth Halkos - in Voluntary Benefits

With the impact that financial stress has on employee productivity and well-being, employers are searching for relief through the addition of various financial wellness options to the employee benefits program. There is no doubt that employees need some assistance…

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Voluntary Benefits: How to Help Build Healthier Workforce

Philip Kaufman - in Column, Voluntary Benefits

Businesses looking to reduce healthcare costs might consider eliminating ancillary benefits, such as vision, dental, disability and life insurance. But before doing so, there are compelling reasons to continue to offer or add these benefits — either purchased,…