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A doctor visiting a sick women for a house call

Speed and Service: The Return of House Calls from the Mobilized Doctors of Today – and Tomorrow

Brandon Xavier - in Technology

We need to change our assumptions about technology and health care, eschewing the notion that the former depersonalizes the latter; reducing men and women – patients and children – into mere numbers, to be proc

A doctor showing X-ray results to a patient on an iPad

An Integrated Platform for Health and Wellness: The Next Generation of Websites

Dr. Rahul Razdan - in Technology

By Dr. Rahul Razdan


Corporate wellness and technology are increasingly inseparable: The latter enhances the former by elevating a doctor's presence online (to cite one notable example) and educating prospective patients about relev

A drone with a first aid kit

Lifesaving Care from Drone Technology: A Medical Revolution

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Corporate wellness is inseparable from education and technology.  

Which is to say, the rapidity of change within the health care industry makes knowledge a priority and awareness (about the options available to individuals) a necessit

Healthcare and technology are becoming increasingly interwoven, here is how to make sure to get the best out of this new frontier.

Ensuring that Payers Get the Best Treatment from Healthcare Technology

Chuck Parker - in Technology

When healthcare reform became law early this year, insurers realized the need to increase efficiencies to reduce costs had become stronger than ever.