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Decision Support Systems for Modern Plan Designs

by Andrew Brickman - in Economics, Technology

Benefit plan designs are changing. How can employers help their employees make the best decision at open enrollment? Consider these stats: Employees who are very satisfied with their benefits are almost four times more likely to be very satisfied with their…

Do smartphone health apps actually help people be healthy?

Do Health Apps do More Harm than Good?

by Courtney Wolfe - in Technology

By According to Medical News Today, nearly 20 percent of all smartphone users have one or more health apps installed on their mobile device. Loosely translated, this means 500 million people worldwide use a smartphone app to track or manage their health on…

Technology’s Role in Improving Corporate Wellness Engagement and ROI

by Laura Walmsley - in Technology

The prevalence of corporate wellness programs is at an all-time high, with over 80 percent of mid- and large- sized corporations having a wellness program in place.”1 As these initiatives grow in number across industries, it becomes even more important to…

A smartphone with a stethoscope and syringe

Technological Wellness Equals Corporate Wellness: The Integral Connection

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Resolved: There can be no corporate wellness without technological wellness. There can be no way to encourage, track, or communicate with and correspond to workers, when an online health initiative succumbs to the chaos of faulty security, unreliable a

A readout from a wearable device on a smartphone

Wearable Devices are Coming to a Doctor Near You

Seth Golbe - in Technology

Wearable fitness trackers, the fancy watches you see people wearing today, are making a splash in the corporate wellness space. These devices track activity levels,  sleep and can even count the calories you eat. Newer models can even track blood pressure,…

A connected brain showing the concept of the internet of things

Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) to Build Healthier Workforce

J. Patrick Bewley - in Column, Features, Technology

The phrase Internet of Things (IoT) — the exponentially growing phenomenon connecting more and more devices to the Internet — is passing the lips of innovators and executives at industries around the world. They huddle around conference room tables and…

A keyboard with a thermometer and cold medicine, showing the concept of Behavioral Telehealth

Behavioral Telehealth: How it Lowers Barriers, Cuts Costs and Improves Outcomes

Dr. Dani Kimlinger - in Technology

The use of electronic information and telecommunications to facilitate clinical healthcare and coordination of care -- also known as telehealth -- has been part of the healthcare landscape for the past 50–60 years. Over that time, it has become a standard…

IBM servers

IBM Partnership and Wearables Could Lead to Better Health Tracking

Seth Golbe - in Technology

Do you remember the Watson computer, the one that played Jeopardy! against former champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter and won? It turns out this artificial intelligence is good for more than just winning a game show. IBM, creators of Watson, have announced…

Wearable technology example

Business Attire: Wearable Devices FIT Corporate Wellness Strategies

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features, Technology

Get a look at that wrist. Those stylish bracelets worn around the office are making a fashion statement of their own and enabling employers to redefine the meaning  of business attire. Clung to arms, clipped to waistbands or wrapped around wrists and ankles,…

A doctor visiting a sick women for a house call

Speed and Service: The Return of House Calls from the Mobilized Doctors of Today – and Tomorrow

Brandon Xavier - in Technology

We need to change our assumptions about technology and health care, eschewing the notion that the former depersonalizes the latter; reducing men and women – patients and children – into mere numbers, to be proc

A doctor showing X-ray results to a patient on an iPad

An Integrated Platform for Health and Wellness: The Next Generation of Websites

Dr. Rahul Razdan - in Technology

By Dr. Rahul Razdan


Corporate wellness and technology are increasingly inseparable: The latter enhances the former by elevating a doctor's presence online (to cite one notable example) and educating prospective patients about relev

A drone with a first aid kit

Lifesaving Care from Drone Technology: A Medical Revolution

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Corporate wellness is inseparable from education and technology.  

Which is to say, the rapidity of change within the health care industry makes knowledge a priority and awareness (about the options available to individuals) a necessit