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A pile of empty prescription bottles

Proactive Health Care – Drugs Are Not the Answer

Russell Benaroya - in Column

Modern Healthcare published an article by the Associated Press discussing the new heights reached by FDA approvals last year. An impressive forty-one first-of-a-kind drugs have been approved, the highest total since 1996 when the agency sanctioned fifty-three…

A drone with a first aid kit

Lifesaving Care from Drone Technology: A Medical Revolution

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Corporate wellness is inseparable from education and technology.  

Which is to say, the rapidity of change within the health care…

Analytics like this will be the future of wellness programs and cost savings

Results Based Wellness Revealed Through Analytics

Richard Kersh - in Worksite Wellness

The prevalence of outcomes-based wellness programs in combination with incentives and disincentives are becoming increasingly

A dialysis patient receiving his treatment.

It’s Not Only About Dialysis: CKD Management – a New Paradigm

Employers utilizing specialized CKD intervention tools in a controllable high-cost population can give

A bottle of pills spilling on top of a stack of dollar bills.

Health Care Cost Containment Beyond the Obvious

Lisa Hall - in Economics

When you think about health care cost-containment, you probably envision wellness programs such as weight loss plans, exercise regimens and smoking cessation programs.

A person checking their blood glucose levels with a finger prick, a crucial part of diabetes care.

5 Steps to Better Diabetes Self-Management

Carina Saez - in Focused

When you have diabetes, much of your treatment and care comes from the decisions you make on a daily basis.

A man sitting at his work computer with his hand rubbing his lower back from pain.

The AOA Urges Americans to Break Through Their Pain

Joseph A. Giaimo - in Focused

Whether your work day is spent behind a desk or on the move, pain is something we have all experienced at one point or another.

A pair of hands holding several medication packages, all of different colors and sizes.

Medication Compliance Is a Top Concern for Employers

Dan Leonard - in Economics

Some 54% of Americans don’t take their medicines or follow a treatment plan as prescribed by their health care provider.

A depressed woman on a bench near a lake with her head in her hands.

Six Stages of Coping with Your Spouse’s Depression

Steve Lowell - in Focused

We were married on October 24, 1998 and on October 25, I barely recognized her! She spoke differently, using words of anger and despair. Her voice was different; it was sharper.

A woman in awake in be in the middle of the night, unable to sleep from insomnia.

An Alarming Wake-Up Call: The Impact of Insomnia on Health and Productivity

Richard C. Bedrosian, Ph.D. - in Focused

What health problem affects nearly a third of all adults, generates increased medical costs, and results in billions dollars of lost work productivity?

A doctor reaching through a laptop screen with stethoscope.

Get Online and Get Healthy: How to Become an Effective E-Patient

Charles W. Smith, M.D - in Others

Get Online and Get Healthy: How to become an effective “E-Patient”

The Cost of Pharmaceutical Products used by Shift Workers (and Others Too!)

The Cost of Pharmaceutical Products used by Shift Workers (and Others Too!)

Betsy Connolly - in News & Insights

President Obama has made the decision to tackle skyrocketing health costs and pass real health reform this year.