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A person running on a treadmill. This is just one part of a corporate wellness programs.

Corporate Wellness Coming to College Near You

James Lowe - in Column

Oklahoma State University has started an arms race. Groundbreaking hires, exciting new technology, and dramatic new vision has the campus in an all-out war. This isn’t a battle for championships or gridiron glory, however. There are no opposing teams, or…

A man doing yoga

Mind, Body, Me – A Case Study in Wellness Engagement at Ithaca College

Cindy McCall - in Features

Although a great deal of research has been published that celebrates the return on investment that can be attained by implementing a wellness program that truly saves money and produces a happier, healthier workforce, many organizations still struggle to realize…

A businessman in a suit wearing running shoes

Treadmill Desks: Don’t Take Corporate Wellness Sitting Down

Peter Schenk - in Features, Others

Let’s face it. Even in the best companies with the best practices, when things happen slowly enough, they can go quietly unnoticed. Whether positive or negative, small changes can slip by unobserved, slowly growing until they can no longer be denied. Good…

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