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Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini

Forget ROI: Aetna CEO’s Perspective on Wellness & Functionality

Mark Bertolini was no ordinary patient. After  breaking  his neck in five places during a ski accident in 2004, the chairman, chief executive officer and president at Aetna turned his back on conventional painkillers for combating his partial paralysis.…

A brain showing the concept of Somatic Functional Therapy

Somatic Functional Therapy: Drug-Free, Pain-Free Approach

Les C. Meyer - in Features

Since her diagnosis in 2000, every doctor told her Parkinson’s disease was progressive and her health status would never improve. Reluctantly settling for a bleak future, Diane’s condition deteriorated toward a state of excruciating pain that required…

A stethoscope on an explanation of benefits

Employers Make Costly Healthcare Mistakes Every Day

Most readers will find it hard to believe that a vast majority of employers are costing themselves millions of dollars every year. That is to say that they are totally on board with conventional medicine’s approach to addressing our crisis of chronic disease…

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