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Jonathan Edelheit, Editor in Chief of Corporate Wellness Magazine shares his thoughts on the wellness industry

Education Picks up When ROI Fails – A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

What offers a steady hand in times of volatility no matter which market or business sector you are in? Education and integrity. Whether you work as a human resources professional, wellness manager, insurance broker or corporate suite executive, it is the…

Corporate Health & Wellness Association is coming to Romania

Romania – CHWA Chapters Advance Wellness Initiatives in Europe

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

Romania is the first European country to partner with the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA) and launch a CHWA chapter to advance health and wellness in the workplace. Under the leadership of Alina Grozescu, effective September 23, 2015, employers…

A readout from a wearable device on a smartphone

Wearable Devices are Coming to a Doctor Near You

Seth Golbe - in Technology

Wearable fitness trackers, the fancy watches you see people wearing today, are making a splash in the corporate wellness space. These devices track activity levels,  sleep and can even count the calories you eat. Newer models can even track blood pressure,…

Is Corporate Wellness Heading in the Right Direction?

Is Corporate Wellness Heading in the Right Direction?

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

Corporate Wellness is certainly heating up. It is creating a lot of “buzz” and attracting a lot of attention. The only problem for the industry currently is the economic recession which has made many employers

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