A business executive at an airport.

A Healthy Bottom Line Starts with Executive Health

Dr. Walter Gaman - in Economics

It’s Monday and the biggest decision of the year stems on today’s meeting

A smiling man living a healthy lifestyle by eating a salad.

A Healthy Lifestyle Begins at Work

Nick Nicholson - in Worksite Wellness

A large portion of the day is spent at work. Whether employees are sitting behind a desk or out in the field

A close up of an eye, with a reflection of the Planet Earth in them.

Protecting Your Eyes at Work and Play

Barbara Berger - in Focused

At work, at home and at play, the health of your eyes can be at risk, oftentimes without even realizing it. Fortunately,

An obese man measuring the circumference of his stomach.

Junk Food and the American Waistline

Mark Roberts - in News & Insights

Ever find yourself snared by the intoxicating smell of a Big Mac or a Whopper? Do you find yourself captured by two all beef patties, special sauce,

A group of business professionals in a foot race, with one being the champion.

How to Recruit Champions for your Wellness Team

Colleen Reilly - in Worksite Wellness

All cultures have leaders—people who understand the guiding principles of that culture and can help motivate a large group to take action and be successful.

A smartly dressed woman practicing self defense.

Smart & Safe Self Defense

Tim Rochford - in News & Insights

Corporate Self Defense Training Programs – What Should be Included!

Technology and internet access will play a crucial role in personal health in future.

Can the Internet Help Us Improve our Health?

The idea that patients are responsible for actively managing and maintaining their personal health and well-being – known in the medical community

A man sleeping in a grass field during a beautiful day. This is what good sleep should feel like.

The Power of Sleep

Dr. Kathy Gruver - in Others

Early to bed and early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Clearly Mr. Franklin didn’t have cats, children, deadlines, a spouse that snored,

President Obama at the podium giving a speech.

President Obama’s Health and Wellness and His First Physical Exam as President

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

President Obama just finished his first physical while holding office as President. The results have created some controversy because the President

A phalanx of uniform stick figures, with one red one standing out from the crowd.

One Size Fits ONE

Brad Cooper - in Focused

The research is in. An effective employee wellness program will provide a 300-600% ROI through decreased health care, sick time and disability costs

Interview with Dr. Julia Halberg, Director of Global Health, General Mills

Interview with Dr. Julia Halberg, Director of Global Health, General Mills

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

Corporate Wellness Magazine: Julia, tell us a little about yourself and what you do now at General Mills. Julia: I have been at General Mills for about nine years

Employer are the leaders of change in wellness programs.

Creating a Next-Generation Wellness Program – Why Employers Should Take the Lead and How to Do It

Barbara D. Correll - in Worksite Wellness

Simply put, good health is good business. Experts agree there is a direct correlation between employee health and bottom-line results — and that building