A woman at work with an apple on her desk.

Eat Well While at Work

Janel Ovrut - in Worksite Wellness

When lunchtime rolls around at work, do you find you’re either chained to your computer too busy to eat, or bolting out of the office to the pizza joint down the street to get a quick slice? Is your keyboard covered with sandwich crumbs and your desk spotted…

A woman working at her desk while eating a salad.

The Weight Loss Game: Are Corporations Sending Mixed Signals To Employees?

Caryl Ehrlich - in Worksite Wellness

If you’re a visitor to almost any office, in any city or town, you’ll most likely find a dish on a desk or counter filled with wrapped candies or mints.

An eye exam chart with a close up of an eye in the background.

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays

Barbara Berger - in Worksite Wellness

Simply stated, vision changes as people get older. 94% of adults 55 and older need some vision correction.1 One reason for this, is our eyes are exposed to the sun often as we age;

A standing man garbing his lower back in pain.

Lower Back Pain Prevention in the Workplace

In the office, much health and safety public attention is focused on manual labor in the field. However, significant numbers – on average 75 percent – of the workforce in the oil and gas industry, for example, have desk jobs.

This checklist will give you the tools and rules your wellness program needs.

Good-Intentioned Wellness Programs Need Rules Too

Emily Noll - in Worksite Wellness

A drier topic never draws a bigger crowd than a workshop on legal compliance regarding employment benefits. While Human Resource professionals aren’t required to be legal experts,

Interview with Vicki Robinson, Manager, Insurance Services, City of Las Vegas

Interview with Vicki Robinson, Manager, Insurance Services, City of Las Vegas

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

Corporate Wellness Magazine: Vicki, tell us a little about yourself and what you do now with the City of Las Vegas.

A cigarette that has been torn in half.

Smoking Cessation – Kicking Your Own Butt

Mark Roberts - in Focused

Have you ever smoked? Ever sneak a cigarette when you were a teen, behind the school or someplace where your parents didn’t see you and your friends thought you were cool?

Stick figures working together to raise the trend toward positive results.

A Positive Mindset Leads to Positive Results

Joyce Hyam - in Focused

Companies are focused on the economy, sales, deadlines, competition, costs, insurance, and many other issues especially when the economy is down.

A woman with a mountain of stressful paperwork in front of her.

Taking Stress Management Techniques from the Office to Your Home

There are many forms of stress management that people use to combat

A happy piggy bank, surrounded by coins.

The Cure for Employee Stress: Financial Wellness

Joseph Larocque - in Worksite Wellness

Stress management is a critical component of health wellness initiatives. Unlike more specialized programs that deal with issues such

A road sign with thee words "change ahead"

Getting Started on the Road to Better Health

Careington International - in Focused

It’s no secret that saving money is a great incentive to get employees started with a wellness program. Some people need that extra push that gives them a reason to go to the gym, to the doctor, or to take a walk.

An example of a wellness program so effective, it is literally off the charts. a

What Makes a Corporate Wellness Program Effective?

Greg Justice, MA - in Worksite Wellness

Hallmarks of an Effective Program