A doctor consulting with an elderly patient.

What is Long-Term Care?

Gay Rowan - in Focused

When people consider the subject of long-term care, they often think about nursing homes.

Creating the Right Fitness Facility For Your Company, Part 2

Creating the Right Fitness Facility For Your Company, Part 2

Phil A. Lalli - in Worksite Wellness

Now that you have had a month or so to begin formulating a plan, you have an idea in which direction

A health class meditating in a yoga pose.

Creating Yoga Classes for a Healthier Workforce

Dr. Rachel Permuth-Levine - in Others

In these times of uncertainty, managing stress has become more challenging than ever. Workplace stress, in particular

A woman sitting in a chair with poor posture.

Why Healthy Posture is So Important!

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Focused

Posture. Just mention the word and we tend to sit up straighter. We think of our mothers harping on us as children

A cartoon image of a man jumping across a cliff.

Put on the brakes before going over your Stress Cliff

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Focused

You wouldn’t consider driving your car over a cliff, would you? Yet too much stress pushes you ever closer to your own Stress Cliff every day

A heart shaped cut out of an apple

Me and the COO: Fitness as a Fiduciary Responsibility

Vik Khanna - in Worksite Wellness

A couple of years ago, I delivered two hours of health coaching to the chief operating officer (COO) of a large publicly traded company, and his wife, at their capacious home

A stick figure sitting on a red battery, out of energy.

Employee Energy Risk Management

Jayshree Davé - in Others

In business, a company’s most valuable asset is CASH. A lot of energy is focused on the management of cash flow by mitigating all risks that impact on this

A doctor consulting with an older patient.

Solving Employee Eldercare Challenges

Vernica Woldt - in Worksite Wellness

If you have found it difficult to address the productivity and management problems of employees with elder caregiving challenges, a new business may serve as your “front door” for solving these issues.

A carrot tied to a stick, a common representation of an incentive.

Employers Offering Wellness Programs and Incentives is on the Rise

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

Worksite Wellness/Corporate Wellness programs are on the rise and more and more employers are implementing

A path diverging in a crowded wood.

P.O.P! Change your Perspective in the Workplace

Jared Yellin - in Others

I want to start this message by proclaiming that "LIFE IS FANTASTIC!"

A woman in awake in be in the middle of the night, unable to sleep from insomnia.

An Alarming Wake-Up Call: The Impact of Insomnia on Health and Productivity

Richard C. Bedrosian, Ph.D. - in Focused

What health problem affects nearly a third of all adults, generates increased medical costs, and results in billions dollars of lost work productivity?

A doctor speaking to a patient on a telephone.

Telemedicine, Shelter from healthcare’s perfect storm

Richard C. Bedrosian, Ph.D. - in Others

The healthcare perfect storm that has been gathering steam for the past several decades in the U.S.