A stressed out employee with his head in his hands and a pile of paperwork next to him.

Cultural Stress: A Modern Threat to Health

Howard Murad - in Others

Cultural Stress is a new type of stress that is superimposed on the normal stresses of everyday life. From the advent of the digital revolution in the 1980s, to increased population and affluence,

A word cloud showing all of the words people think of when they think of the word healt.

Wellness Helps Conquer Recession Depression

Dr. Ann D. Clark - in Worksite Wellness

In a year marked by doom-and-gloom news stories about a failing economy, staggering unemployment rates and a major housing crisis

A woman sick in bed, surrounded by used tissues.

The Downside of Being Unwell and How a Corporate Wellness Program Can Help

Greg Justice, MA - in Worksite Wellness

The costs of ill health, both in premiums and in lost productivity are staggering, up to $2,800 per employee per year, for those that have issues.

A tree sproutling in a little soil being held in a pair of hands.

How to Create and Nurture a Wellness Culture

Colleen Reilly - in Worksite Wellness

Employers are finally starting to understand that employee wellness can help achieve important business objectives, yet many companies still have not implemented an employee wellness

A fake newspaper headline saying"Better Days Ahead"

Turning Bad News into Best Practices: How to Bounce Back from the Health Care Crisis

Scott Foster - in News & Insights

Employer medical costs have increased by 140 percent over the past ten years. Health insurance costs will likely overtake profits very soon. Medical systems and employees alike face paralyzing double-digit

A eye exam chart imposed over a close up of a person's eyeball.

Eye Exam – Not Just Seeing Well, but Being Well

Barbara Berger - in Others

Vision benefits are strongly emerging as a way for employers to enhance wellness and disease programs. The importance of vision care is increasing as it impacts overall health, productivity and quality of life.

A road sign saying "Prevention Ave. This Way"

How to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

Study shows it’s about getting back to basics

A piggy bank with coins in front of it, waiting to be saved.

Prepare Now to Lower Healthcare Insurance Costs in 2009

Cheryl Lagunilla - in Economics

With the economic outlook for 2009 rather grim, business owners will have to do more with less - yet

A group of stick figures connected by dotted lines, visualizing the concept of social networks.

The Home Social Networks Help Employees See Health as a Top Priority

Colleen Reilly - in Others

It was Walking Wednesday, part of an integrated workplace wellness program that encourages employees to take an active walk outside during their lunch hour. Trouble

Directions to the right way and the wrong way.

Don’t Get Worse

Jim Wachtel - in Others

The realities of the typical American lifestyle and the natural progression of ageing consistently show that overall health

A panel discussion at the Corporate Wellness Conference in Los Angeles

Corporate Wellness Conference in Los Angeles a Huge Success

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

The first annual national employer Corporate Wellness Conference in Los Angeles, October 27-28th, was a huge success

A man in a suit putting change into a piggy bank.

Bending the Cost of Healthcare – Get Paid to Lose Weight

Aaron Day - in Worksite Wellness

As the lively debate over healthcare reform continues, there has been frequent mention of bending