A simple evaluation of a wellness program can improve engagement, productivity and save money.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Health and Productivity Management Program

An increasing number of employers offer health and productivity management programs designed to improve the health and well being of their employees.

Wellness programs can be a potential legal issue, but these tips can help you avoid costly litigation.

Could your Employee Wellness Program Cause a Law Suit?

After decades of fighting for health care reform we finally took the first big step towards improving health care access, quality and delivery in the U.S., and health promotion in the workplace has received a big boost. The final health care bill includes…

A man watering a plant trimmed in the shape of a dollar sign.

The 8 Best Strategies You Can Implement to Rescue Corporate Health Risks and Costs

Scott Foster - in Worksite Wellness

Do you like movies? If you do, it is probably because they provide a temporary distraction from the stress of everyday life. They focus on someone’s problems other than your own.

A long empty road in the middle of nowhere, how some still wellness programs in Hong Kong.

Corporate Health & Wellness in Hong Kong – A Road Yet To Be Travelled

Petro Loho - in Worksite Wellness

The rising prosperity of Asia's growing economies has drawn adverse consequences on employee wellness and the work-life balance of many people.

A man clutching his chest with heart pain.

Surprising Facts about Heart Disease

We all know the facts. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women. Having an active lifestyle combined with a healthy diet

Sleep is an essential part of any health regime.

The Truth About Beauty Sleep

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Although we don’t generally think of sleep as a great time to get things done, our bodies and minds accomplish a tremendous amount of hard work while

Home testing devices like this provide valuable information to corporate wellness programs.

The Missing Ingredient in Corporate Wellness

Justin Bellante - in Worksite Wellness

Justin Bellante explains how home-based health tests can form the foundation of a corporate wellness program that engages both employees and dependents.

A professional woman training for self-defense in high heels.

How To Implement a Successful Employee Self Defense Training Program

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In the two previous articles, I covered:

These are the common questions that come from the early stages of wellness programs.

4 Common Objections to Wellness Program Implementaion

Greg Justice, MA - in Worksite Wellness

By now, perhaps you’re flirting with the idea that you may actually need a wellness program; that perhaps it could save you money in the long run, but you’re still unsure whether you want to move forward. You’re not alone.

Interview with Ray Brusca of Black and Decker

Interview with Ray Brusca of Black and Decker

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

Corporate Wellness Magazine: Ray, tell us a little about yourself and what you do now at Black & Decker

Meditation can be a powerful tool to help with stress of all kinds.

Meditation can Help your Stressed College Student (and You!)

Dr. Rachel Permuth-Levine - in Others

It is no secret that corporate wellness extends beyond our employees

A word cloud of all the words associated with health. The word Diet and dieting are featured prominently.

Mindful Diet: A Different Approach to Weight Loss

Sylvia White - in Worksite Wellness

Americans spend billions each year on dieting. But as bank accounts are decreasing, waistlines are still increasing.