A man sitting at his work computer with his hand rubbing his lower back from pain.

The AOA Urges Americans to Break Through Their Pain

Joseph A. Giaimo - in Focused

Whether your work day is spent behind a desk or on the move, pain is something we have all experienced at one point or another.

A person holding an umbrella with dark storm clouds in the back grounds. TO the right are are the words "Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?"

Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?

Shawn M. Connors - in News & Insights

A “perfect storm” of trends occurred about 10 years ago in the music industry, and it changed the landscape of that business forever.

2011 with confetti and party hats on a blue background.

Make the Most of Your New Year

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Focused

Have you created any New Year’s resolutions yet? Do you usually accomplish them? If not, consider setting goals,

An executive standing at the front of a line, with all of the support team lining up behind him.

Executive Health a Top Priority for Stock Holders

Dr. Walter Gaman - in Focused

Executive health and wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular throughout corporate America.

Three professionally dressed people point at the camera and laughing, like a bully.

Defining the Problem and the Impact of Workplace Bullying

This is the first article in a series addressing workplace bullying. The article below defines the problem and its consequences.

A survey form being filled in with a pen.

Using Data to Set Goals Employees Want to Achieve

Shawn M. Connors - in Focused

What do your employees want to know or accomplish? Their answers to a simple interest survey can be the catalyst for effective wellness communication.

A stressed out woman doing her finances, bu having a difficult time.

Employers to help Workforce in Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

Authur J. Cummins - in Economics

When you read the headline to this article I bet you thought the New Years Resolution we would be discussing is losing weight and becoming healthy.

A small tree growing in the palms of a mans hand.

Development Stages in Corporate Wellness Programs

Scott MacStravic, PhD - in Worksite Wellness

It isn’t quite the case that: “If you’ve seen one corporate wellness program, you’ve seen one corporate wellness program, but it’s close.

A man in suit and tie meditating in front of his open laptop.

The Increasing use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Health Reasons

Dr. Rachel Permuth-Levine - in Others

There has been a substantial increase in the use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) use among American adults since 1990

The instrument panel of a car lit up, with the words "How to Drive Value Creation in the C-Suite" below .

How to Drive Value Creation in the C-Suite

In the eyes of a CEO, businesses create jobs, innovate, manufacture and provide the services that drive economic growth.

A man standing at a cross road, with a road sigh point in many different directions.

Companies Make Excuses, Just Like People Do

Catherine Rudat - in Others

Companies Make Excuses,

A picture of a green Granny Smith apple and a tape measure.

Health Reform Prompts Employers to get Creative with Wellness

Dr. Ann D. Clark - in News & Insights

The epic debate on health care raised plenty of controversy and confusion