An image of the mammography sign in a hospital, just one preventative service that can save a life and healthcare spending.

How to Increase Your ROI on Preventive Services, Just in Time for Healthcare Reform

Peter Saravis - in Economics

The healthcare reform legislation enacted this past spring, known as the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,

A man in suit and tie, holding a trophy and pointing up to the sky.

Choosing the Right Incentive Program

Larry Bush - in Focused

In today’s economy, everyone is searching for ways to reduce costs without reducing services. It’s the “do more with less” philosophy,

A collage of different smiles and of women brushing their teeth, with a happy dentist in the middle.

Smile Well

Mark Roberts - in Focused

When you get up in the morning to get ready for work, does your smile make you feel better?

A stress-out woman surrounded by full binders, holding a sign that reads" Help!"

The Stress of Being Stressed Out

Judy Belmont - in Focused

Steven Slater’s incident of air rage that made national news this past summer has triggered an onslaught of support from many who see in Slater’s situation the realization of their own “

A team of doctors with their arms crossed, lined up behind their leader.

The Value Proposition of a Medical Advocate Program

Bill Crimmins - in Editorial

I want to inform you about a fantastic service that I have become a big fan of.

A woman meditating with her hands over her head on a rock near the beach.

Wellness: The Newest Voluntary Benefit?

Two vital and innovative trends in the workplace – wellness and voluntary benefits – have great potential to merge into one of the most exciting and powerful new benefits for employees:

A health risk assessment example, with a stethoscope on top.

Beyond the Questionnaire: Using the Health Assessment as a Tool for Behavior Change

Barton H. Sheeler - in Worksite Wellness

Typically, the first interaction individuals have with a health or wellness program is when they take the initial health assessment.

Two business people jumping in the air with happiness in an open field.

GO HAPPY… It Brings Motivation and Productivity into Companies

Betty Finney - in Worksite Wellness

The statistics are rolling in and the research says “yes”.. According to Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book called The How of Happiness,”

A group of people making the healthy decision to take the stairs to move and not the elevator.

Health and Wellness Programs: Progress and Forward Motion

Andrew D. Greenberg - in Worksite Wellness

There is exciting news in the world of health and wellness programs. The federal government is paying close attention to the benefits that stem from a healthier workforce.

Two stick figures on a bar graph working together to raise the final bar in place.

Benchmarking Wellness Programs: How Does Your Program Measure Up?

Benchmarking is a widely used business term describing research that compares one company’s business processes

A group of dice with percent signs, not numbers.

Beyond Insurance: Significant Wellness Discounts for Your Employees

Chuck Misasi - in Focused

To improve employee health and overall well-being, you are most likely reviewing the costs, features and benefits of new wellness programs.

One employee whispering to two others while having a cup of coffee.

Spread the Word: Productive Gossip as a Skill

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Others

Is gossip among humans equivalent to grooming between primates?