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Leveraging Social Media to Improve Benefits Communications with Employees

Veronica Pollock - in Voluntary Benefits

Employers know an appealing benefits package can be a powerful tool to attract and retain quality employees. Yet the best benefits are wasted if employers fail to effectively communicate the value of their offerings to current and potential employees. Frequently,…

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Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina: Are Changes Coming?

Sponsored by Carolinas HealthCare System HEALTHWORKS - in Focused

In recent years, six states (AZ, OH, OK, TN, TX, and WA) have adopted formularies specifying preferred substances and excluding others, when pharmacologic treatment is part of the care of injured workers. Other states are considering such action. According…

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Addressing Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

by Lewis Fein - in Column

Corporate wellness, as I always say, is inseparable from personal wellness. The latter begets the former, which is why companies need to do a better job of promoting the benefits of a healthy workforce, in general, and the need to address Peripheral Artery…

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President Declares Opioid Crisis “National Public Health Emergency”

Daniel Pyne - in News

President Donald Trump signed a memorandum ordering Acting Secretary of Health and Human Services Eric Hargan to declare America’s opioid crisis – which is now responsible for more than 100 deaths per day – a public health emergency. This is different…

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Giving Back Through Wellness

Madeline Yaskowski - in Worksite Wellness

Traditional corporate wellness programs tend to have low impact, with reliance on non-interactive components such as health screenings and gym memberships. A more innovative and far-reaching approach uses wellness as a tool for collaboration, with teamwork…

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Top 3 Reasons Employers are Offering Genetic Testing as an Employee Health Benefit

By Parul Somani, Head of Enterprise & Clinical Marketing at Color - in Genomics

Amid rising healthcare costs in the U.S., it’s easy to forget that less than 3 percent of those costs are spent on prevention. With scientific advancements and the plummeting cost of genetic sequencing, however, genetic information now has the potential…

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The American Lung Association and CVS Health: A Partnership in Lung Health

American Lung Association - in Smoking Cessation

Every two and a half minutes someone in the U.S. is told that they have lung cancer, and the five-year survival rate is only 17.7 percent – making lung cancer the #1 cancer killer of women and men. While air pollution, radon, asbestos and exposure to secondhand…

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A Growing Population Means a Growing Number of Caregivers

Christin Kuretich, Director, Product & Innovation, Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions - in Others

It’s an impossible spot to be in at times – balancing the care needed for a loved one with the regular responsibilities of work and family. Regardless, the world of caregiving has expanded. This growing, aging population that’s living longer and developing…

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Offering Genetic Testing to Your Employees: The Pros and Cons

By Dr. Phil Smalley MD FRCPC - in Genomics

Introduction This month’s column is an important five minute read if you are starting to consider adding genetic testing products into your employee benefits or insurance products. You need to be able to explain the benefits of genetic testing and show how…

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To Bundle or Not to Bundle: That is the Benefits Question

By Dan Gechter - in Others

We have all become accustomed to bundling in our everyday lives. It's usually presented as a cost-savings vehicle but even jaded consumers have come to suspect there is more to a bundled service offer than just altruism. When you're crafting an effective Voluntary…

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Innovative Sleep Programs – How Sleep Is Revolutionizing The Workplace

Interview with Dr. Christopher Winter, President & Owner, CNSM Consultant - in News & Insights

At the WMTC & EHBC last year in Washington, D.C., Corporate Wellness Magazine caught up with Dr. Christopher Winters just before his presentation at the much-anticipated Sleep Summit. An emerging trend is more and more corporate offices initiating programs…

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Population Health Management Strategies Challenges and Advice From Aetna International

Daniel Pyne - in Worksite Wellness

For Aetna International, their focus on population health management involves helping large governments and large payers improve the infrastructure of their healthcare system to produce better outcomes for patients. While Aetna International has projects…