Stress and Wellness

The Necessity of Stress and Wellness In the Workplace

Derek Kren - in Worksite Wellness

The workplace needs a counterbalance. Now, be careful not to confuse that with balance, “an even distribution of weight[...].” We’re talking about counterbalance “a weight that balances another weight” — not unlike the relationship between stress…


The “Three Cs”: Choosing the Right Healthcare at the Right Time

Dr. Mayrene Hernandez & Dr. Chad Masters - in Focused

If you start having chest pains or receive a head injury, you probably realize you should go to the emergency room (ER) right away. But for medical issues…

How to Help Your Employees Become Smart Healthcare Shoppers

How to Help Your Employees Become Smart Healthcare Shoppers

Marcia Otto - in Technology

Employees continue to take on increasing responsibility for making key decisions about their health, including managing costs. Surveys from Aon Hewitt…


11 Travel Hacks for the Road Warriors

Nathan Walz - in Focused

Have you noticed that you’re not as sharp after business travel? A recent Time article, Why Jet Lag Is Worse than You Think, discusses the effects of jet lag on mental and physical performance. Based on data from more than 40,000 baseball games, players…

Caring as a Shared Value

Caring as a Shared Value: Caring for the Employees and for the Organization

Dee W. Edington & Olga Reupert - in Worksite Wellness

Why is Caring Important? Caring is an integral component of basic human life.  Individuals and groups of like-minded people understand and care for the values and situations of other individuals and groups.  In an organizational environment and culture,…

Don’t Forget to Budget for Naps in 2017

Don’t Forget to Budget for Naps in 2017

Christopher Lindholst - in Others

As companies review and adjust their budgets for the year currently underway, there’s a line item many may be overlooking: naps. Sleeping on the job was an activity companies frowned on in the past; it could even be a firing offense. But, as scientific evidence…

Financial Wellness Programs Attract Top Talent and Boost Productivity

Financial Wellness Attracts Top Talent and Boosts Productivity

Jeff Tulloch - in Worksite Wellness

This is a key finding from MetLife’s 14th Annual Employee Benefit Trends Study (EBTS) which found that just 46 percent of all employees expect their personal financial situation to get better in the next year, compared to over half (52 percent) in 2014. MetLife’s…

Live in Your Productivity Zone

Jenny Dodson - in Features

Join Jenny Dodson, as she helps you get into the productivity zone and inform you how becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® can get you there!  

What is Your Most Successful Hiring Strategy

What is Your Most Successful Hiring Strategy?

Amanda Wilks - in Focused

Recruiting the right candidates has never been easy and today’s competitive market makes recruiter’s job even harder. Thousands of companies post job advertisements daily hoping to find qualified prospects who are willing to accept their offer. How will…

How Healthcare technology is changing our lives

6 Ways Healthcare Technology is Transforming Our Lives

Erica Silva - in Technology

From attempting to explain your situation to the best of your abilities, to the physician conducting a preliminary checkup and recommending diagnostic tests that will take days to return; healthcare technology sure has come a long way. We now have our medical…

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Reassessing Your Wellness Programs to Create A Culture of Health

Seth Serxner, Ph.D., MPH - in Worksite Wellness

Would you rather have an employee who is distracted and lethargic, or who is engaged and accountable? The latter, of course. That, in a nutshell, is the business case for health and wellness programs and creating a culture of health. Employers we surveyed…

Portrait of African American woman with severe headache

Your Headaches Aren’t Caused By What You Think

By Dr.Alex Ritza & Ben Walker - in Case Study

I know you might think that chocolate, wine, stress, bad posture or another factor might cause your headaches but I can guarantee that they are not the cause! First, however, a little science before I tell you about Jackie. Consider the importance of knowing…