Lego Patrick and Spongebob on the balcony watching the sea. These mini figures are from Spongebob sets. Lego is a brick brand by Lego group.

Does SpongeBob Have the Secret to Life?

By Paula Sirois - in Others

Something magical happened while watching SpongeBob SquarePants the other day. It suddenly dawned on me that the yellow, goofy sponge-like cartoon character had figured out all the secrets to life and money. Find your passion: SpongeBob loves his job. He would…


5 Basic Ingredients for Effective Leadership

By Kim Bassett - in Others

Leadership, at its heart, comes down to how well you're able to connect with people. It doesn't matter how much education or business training you have.…

How to stay resolved in 2017

Out-of-the-Box Tips to Keep You Resolved in 2017

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Focused

New Year’s resolutions. Are you still keeping yours? More than half of us make them, but only eight percent keep them. And far too often, this year’s…

Baby Boomers Enjoying Retirement

The Baby Boomers Enigma: Preparing an Unprepared Generation for Retirement

By Seth Ravine, Chief Revenue Officer, Acclaris, and Kimberly Lear, Founder, Inlay Insights - in Worksite Wellness

Baby Boomers—born between the years 1946 and 1964—are the wealthiest generation and yet the least prepared for retirement. They will live longer, but are no strangers to chronic illnesses. They love technology, but they use it on their terms. As the world’s…

two people working out consulting wearables device

Do Wearables Actually Advance Corporate Wellness?

Anne-Marie Kirby - in Wearable Devices

A lot of people are looking at their wrists these days and the gesture usually has nothing to do with checking the time. Instead, they’re consulting their wearable device to find out how many steps they’ve taken, stairs they’ve climbed, calories they’ve…

Nudging to Effective Employee Wellness

Nudging Your Way to Effective Employee Wellness Initiatives

by Joseph Giandonato, MBA and Victor Tringali, Healthy Human Capital LLC - in Worksite Wellness

U.S. employers are spending big money on wellness as part of a multifaceted effort to suppress healthcare costs. Employers both large and small have instituted strategies concurrently to propel their workers to better health in the hopes of cutting costs.…

Wellness Interviews

Watch Michael Susi Share His 6 Tenets of Wellness

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

At least year's Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, Michael Susi, Global Wellness Manager for LinkedIn took the time to speak with Corporate Wellness Magazine about the importance of learning thes individual needs of all people, and creating a wellness…

Dementia In Women - Why Testing Is Important

Dementia In Women – Why Testing Is Important

Audrey Throne - in Others

One of the most prevalent concerns of today is the world’s population aging at an unprecedented rate. According to the United Nations WPA 2015 report, 617 million people i.e. 8.5 percent of individuals worldwide are aged over 65. This percentage will increase…

What Insurers Want You to Know About Wellness Plans

What Insurers Want You to Know About Wellness Plans

Pacific Prime - in Others

When it comes to the successful implementation of a wellness program, being aware of current industry trends is crucial. In regards to your health insurance provider, a recent report by international health insurance broker Pacific Prime set out to highlight…

January is National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month

Amy Bair - in Features

Were you aware January is National Blood Donor Month? Why January you ask? Because the winter months are typically the leanest in donations due to inclement weather and seasonal illnesses. This recognition, inspired by the American Red Cross, was first begun…

Covering the Knowledge Gap

Closing the Knowledge Gap: Addressing the Low Employee Benefits IQ of Working Americans

Gene Lanzoni - in Selling & Marketing

When it comes to understanding their employee benefits, working Americans don’t know as much as they think they do. A recent study by Guardian (the 4th Annual Workplace Benefits Study) shows that the majority of employees believe they have the knowledge…

Discuss value-added services with your employees.

Value-Added Services Enhance Benefits and Well-being

Matthew Owenby - in Voluntary Benefits

As human resource professionals begin preparing for the year ahead, it’s never too early to learn about new products that can enhance a company’s benefits package for the upcoming open enrollment period. With more health care responsibility falling on…