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The DNA of Wellness: A Snapshot of Ancestry

Lewis Fein - in Others

If we are to promote – and protect – the ideal of corporate wellness, we must first change our approach to history. We must go from a mostly reactive system, where symptoms are predominant, rather than a system that enables people to change their lives…

Saving Lives and Salvaging Hope: Save1Person

Lewis Fein - in Others

If companies want to make real the promise of corporate wellness, if they want to be stewards not only of the health of their employees but champions of good health in general, if they want to be persons beyond the strictly legal definition of the word, if…

Casual Drinking and Cancer: A National Threat

Michael Shaw - in Others

When we ask doctors to 'define alcoholic,' we should prepare ourselves for the stereotypical depiction of an alcoholic that is either a 'happy' or an 'angry' drunk. We classify them as a person for whom alcohol elicits – and exaggerates – that person's…

Three Tips for Identifying and Coping With Stress Triggers

by Karina Muller - in Others

Life tends to pull in several directions at once: how to complete a work project by tomorrow, what to cook for dinner, when to pick up your children up – all flowing through your mind at the same time. Your mind may become overloaded, your emotions might…

Wellness Programs in 2018 – Clear as Mud

Susan M, Nash, Partner, Winston & Strawn, LLP - in Others

Since 2016, employers that offered wellness programs to their employees have had to juggle two sets of conflicting and confusing rules: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the one hand, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information…

Why You Should Focus on Financial Well-being in the Workplace

Henry Albrecht - in Others

Traditional views of wellness focus on cutting health costs, increasing physical activity and proper nutrition. But tracking steps, joining an exercise class and eating healthy lunches are just part of holistic well-being. When I say well-being, I’m referring…

tibetan singing bowls are an essential part of sound healing

What’s the Buzz With Sound Therapy?

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

Edger Cayce said, “The medicine of the future will be music and sound.” While this may sound a little strange, we are witnessing this prediction becoming increasingly more relevant by the day. We have all experienced the healing power of music in our lives…

Employee Health Literacy Heats Up!

Al Lewis - in Economics, Others

One of the enduring mysteries of "empowering" employees to spend their own money on purchasing healthcare is how employees can do that without understanding how to purchase healthcare. It turns out they can't. A study in JAMA Internal Medicine showed almost…

The Energy of Wellness: A New Era of Healthy Energy Drinks?

Lewis Fein - in Others

As I never cease to say, and as I have no intention to cease saying, corporate wellness is inseparable from personal wellness. For workers to have the health and energy to thrive, for them to have the means to maintain the energy to be productive and succeed,…

woman wearing pajamas sleep in her bedroom

Sleep and Weight, It’s a Symbiotic Relationship

Danielle Keenan, Health Management Specialist, Keenan - in Others

When we’re preoccupied with juggling work, family and personal lives, sleep is often one of the first things that’s neglected. As those commitments increase and our free time seems to wane all too quickly, few of us remember to prioritize getting more…

working nurse with the patient in icu ward peripheral artery disease

A Seasonal Reminder about Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD): The QuantaFlo Solution

Lewis Fein - in Others

Consider this piece a sequel to my column about Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and the QuantaFlo™ System from Semler Scientific. Consider this piece a seasonal reminder about an issue too important to ignore, too urgent to dismiss and too critical to deny.…

science, chemistry, biology, medicine and people concept - close up of young female scientist holding tube with blood sample in clinical laboratory and dna molecule structure

Direct to Consumer Tests: Risks, Benefits, and Regulatory Requirements

By: Varsha Meghnani, PhD - in Others

Today, consumers are getting more health-conscious and are willing to be more involved in decision making and managing their healthcare. Therefore, direct to consumer tests (DTCs) are gaining popularity among consumers and healthcare providers. Over the past…