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Don’t Forget to Budget for Naps in 2017

Don’t Forget to Budget for Naps in 2017

Christopher Lindholst - in Others

As companies review and adjust their budgets for the year currently underway, there’s a line item many may be overlooking: naps. Sleeping on the job was an activity companies frowned on in the past; it could even be a firing offense. But, as scientific evidence…

Lego Patrick and Spongebob on the balcony watching the sea. These mini figures are from Spongebob sets. Lego is a brick brand by Lego group.

Does SpongeBob Have the Secret to Life?

By Paula Sirois - in Others

Something magical happened while watching SpongeBob SquarePants the other day. It suddenly dawned on me that the yellow, goofy sponge-like cartoon character…


5 Basic Ingredients for Effective Leadership

By Kim Bassett - in Others

Leadership, at its heart, comes down to how well you're able to connect with people. It doesn't matter how much education or business training you have.…

Dementia In Women - Why Testing Is Important

Dementia In Women – Why Testing Is Important

Audrey Throne - in Others

One of the most prevalent concerns of today is the world’s population aging at an unprecedented rate. According to the United Nations WPA 2015 report, 617 million people i.e. 8.5 percent of individuals worldwide are aged over 65. This percentage will increase…

What Insurers Want You to Know About Wellness Plans

What Insurers Want You to Know About Wellness Plans

Pacific Prime - in Others

When it comes to the successful implementation of a wellness program, being aware of current industry trends is crucial. In regards to your health insurance provider, a recent report by international health insurance broker Pacific Prime set out to highlight…


Please Pass the (Shea) Butter: Skincare, Personal Care and Corporate Wellness

Lewis Fein - in Others

There is an overriding lesson about corporate wellness, which starts with an emphasis on personal health and individual empowerment. That process involves the intelligent use of intelligence, meaning, before we can create a workplace of wellness, before we…

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day

3 Tips in Honor of Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day

Daniel Pyne - in Others

We all make New Year’s Resolutions. I know I do. It’s at this point of the year where resolutions start to fizzle out; after two weeks, the enthusiasm to change has run out.  To help with this, January 12 has been designated Stick to Your New Year’s…


The Study of Wellness and the Science of Success: Inspiring Change

Michael D. Shaw - in Others

Of the many questions that concern health and wellness, from what it is to how to maintain it, from how to measure it to what it means to forgo it, one query matters most: How do you create a culture of wellness, where there is the inspiration to change, and…

Family benefits can prevent this from happening.

American Express Increases Family Benefits for U.S. Employees

Daniel Pyne - in Others

New and expecting parents at American Express (AmEx) had reason to celebrate today when the financial-services company announced a generous expansion of their family benefits. Beginning January 1, 2017, full-time and part-time employees who have worked at…


Chronic Pain and an Active Lifestyle: Lessons in Recovery

Lewis Fein - in Others

If we want to better promote corporate wellness and if we want a workforce as productive as it is protective of its health, then we need to educate employers and employees alike about the best way to confront a problem affecting tens of millions of people…


Life Expectancy Decreases in the U.S. for First Time in Over 20 Years

Daniel Pyne - in Others

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, life expectancy fell in the U.S. for the first time in over 20 years. The data, based on 2015 death certificates, shows a drop from 76.5 years to 76.3 years for men and 81.3 years to 81.2 years for women…

Protecting Patients

Protecting Patients: Effective Health Care and Defective Drugs

Michael D. Shaw - in Others

Practicing effective health care starts with protecting patients from dangerous medications or procedures. The cost of inaction is morally wrong and financially devastating. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "even without…