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The Effects of Workplace Stress on Your Health – And What To Do About It!

Greg Justice - in Mental Health

It’s no secret that everyone is stressed out. We’ve all had those days where we feel flustered, irritated, and anxious.  We’ve all had those nights where it’s too difficult to fall asleep – that all you can do is worry about what you have on your…

Doctor's Day - Stress and Burnout

Happy Doctor’s Day! But Doc, Please Don’t Quit…

Jeanine Joy - in Mental Health

Dear Doctor, I am writing to wish you Happy Doctor’s Day on the 175th anniversary of the first use of ether anesthetic during surgery, the day selected as a national day to honor your service and sacrifices. Today I hope you will take time for some self-care.…

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The Power of Vacation in Employee Wellness

Elizabeth Halkos - in Mental Health

How important is vacation? It can be summed up in one sentence: rested employees are more productive employees. Taking vacation can reduce stress, help prevent burnout and promote work-life balance by allowing for more time to be spent with family, significant…

A burned out employee putting her head on her desk

How to Determine if Your Employees are Burned Out

By Paul White, PhD - in Mental Health

I see a lot of “burned out” (or “flaming out”) employees. People who are emotionally, relationally and physically worn down. Responsible individuals that have “given all they’ve got” (usually in multiple areas of their lives) and don’t have…

holiday stress can lead to some embarrassing situations.

Addressing Holiday Stress and its Impact at Work

Norbert “Bert” Alicea - in Mental Health

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and excitement, but for many employees, it can also be a difficult season for any number of reasons. For some, the extra pressure of facing looming year-end deadlines during a shortened work month, combined with…

Dealing with Death, Dying and Denial During the Holidays

Dealing with Death, Depression and Denial During the Holidays

Dr. Camille Preston - in Mental Health

The Holidays are an amazing time of year, but they can also be stressful. There’s the increasing intensity of work as the year ends, and there are stacking commitments at home as well. The result is one of the most emotionally charged times of the year.…

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Forgiveness in the Workplace: A Wellness Perspective

Judi Hennebry Wise & Lori Golden - in Mental Health

  When was the last time you heard someone in your organization say, “I’m sorry”, to a colleague or “I forgive you” to a leader? While these phrases were ingrained in us as children, they seemed to have gotten lost on the way to the office.…

Chronic Stress - Churning and Burning

Chronic Stress: Do You Churn & Burn Your Days?

Ed Harrold - in Mental Health

During the 20th Century, the burden of disease shifted quite significantly to be one from changes in our lifestyle. In the early 1900’s, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis were the leading causes of death in our culture. Since 2010, the leading causes of death are…


Being Resilient… Bouncing Back From A Setback

Judy Hoberman - in Mental Health

While many of our challenges are similar because we are women, one in particular keeps popping up…unexpected “stuff” that happens to us, our positions and our families.  We all know that it may be easier to just grab your favorite blanket and run into…

A women fighting depression at work

Managing a Depressed Employee in the Workplace

Judi Hennebry Wise - in Mental Health

By Judi Hennebry Wise Mental illness costs corporations more than $80 billion annually. The 2013 National Institute of Mental Health study reported that 20 percent of the approximately two million American adults who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia…

Finding Zen Amidst the Corporate Chaos

Finding Zen Amidst the Corporate Chaos

Dr. Jodi Ashbrook - in Mental Health

Yoga and meditation have been used for centuries to promote self-improvement. But did you know that your practice may also positively impact your business leadership skills? Whether presenting to management, dealing with a difficult negotiation or overcoming…

Resilience is the Secret to Long-Term Success

Resilience is the Secret to Long-Term Success

by Daniel Pyne - in Mental Health

Employers have been utilizing wellness program to help their employees live up to their full potential for decades. Whether these programs teach healthy eating, the value of the physical activity or simple stress reduction techniques, the goal is the same.…