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A Fatigued employee leaning her head against a wall.


“It’s puzzling, isn’t it? With so much energy throughout nature, how can anyone possibly feel fatigued? Why is fatigue a daily experience for millions of people?

A nutritious platter of fresh vegetables.

Nutrition: The Ideal Foundation for Employee Wellness

Michael Tarino - in Focused

When it comes to the health of your employees, diet and nutrition offer an ideal foundation for your organization’s wellness efforts, as they can pay the

A happy man, stopping to enjoy the sun on his face while lying down in a field.

Become More Optimistic to Improve Health and Success

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Focused

Is the glass of your life half-empty or half-full? Your answer may influence your professional and personal success and your mental and physical health, possibly even which diseases you develop.

Spain on a map.

Why Spain is Frightened to Develop On-Site Corporate Fitness Centres

Gautier Robin - in Focused

Strangely, Spain has the first fitness penetration in the whole citizenship in West Europe, with a medium of 14% (Catalunya region is over 20%). In France, as example, this ratio is less than 5%.

A cigarette that has been torn in half.

Smoking Cessation – Kicking Your Own Butt

Mark Roberts - in Focused

Have you ever smoked? Ever sneak a cigarette when you were a teen, behind the school or someplace where your parents didn’t see you and your friends thought you were cool?

Stick figures working together to raise the trend toward positive results.

A Positive Mindset Leads to Positive Results

Joyce Hyam - in Focused

Companies are focused on the economy, sales, deadlines, competition, costs, insurance, and many other issues especially when the economy is down.

A road sign with thee words "change ahead"

Getting Started on the Road to Better Health

Careington International - in Focused

It’s no secret that saving money is a great incentive to get employees started with a wellness program. Some people need that extra push that gives them a reason to go to the gym, to the doctor, or to take a walk.

A close up of an eye, with a reflection of the Planet Earth in them.

Protecting Your Eyes at Work and Play

Barbara Berger - in Focused

At work, at home and at play, the health of your eyes can be at risk, oftentimes without even realizing it. Fortunately,

A phalanx of uniform stick figures, with one red one standing out from the crowd.

One Size Fits ONE

Brad Cooper - in Focused

The research is in. An effective employee wellness program will provide a 300-600% ROI through decreased health care, sick time and disability costs

Attorneys face a lot of stress on the job, which can have a real impact on their cases and lives.

Mind Stress for Attorneys and Legal Practioners

Ian Barrat - in Focused

Over the past few months, we have noticed some key indicators emerging that support our view that stress is manifesting itself in new ways as a result of the recession.

A smiling man eating a salad.

I’m too Busy to Eat Healthfully

Nicholas L. Merolla - in Focused

All too often in my practice, I’m confronted with the words, “I’m too busy to eat healthy.” It’s easy during the busy corporate day to just grab and go, or just to snack and go.

These tips will help you see the tress in your life, and management for the future.

7 Stress Management Tips For Corporate Type A Personalities

Dr. Jeanette Raymond - in Focused

Forty year old Hugh, father of two, loved the fast pace, driven corporate world. It put a zing in his step, gave him the best reason to get up and go each morning,

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