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Wellness to Wellbeing – The Future of the Industry

Daniel Pyne - in Focused

Join GHR’s Christina Hunting as she hosts four industry professionals; Kate Siano, Wellbeing & Engagement Consultant, Arthur J. Gallagher & Company; Georgette Kores, Manager of Global Wellness & Engagement, World Fuel Services; Jenny Dodson,…

A Zest for Life: The Story of 9zest

Lewis Fein - in Focused

Sometimes sickness is less a verdict than a chance at vindication. Sometimes it is an opportunity to convert a condition into a career, where the therapies of a great nation complement the technologies of a great idea, where one person’s struggles with Parkinson’s…

Gender Discrimination and the Pay Gap – What Employers Need to Know

- in Focused

Chris Williams, the Employment Practices Product Manager at Travelers, answered the following questions about the gender pay gap and what employers need to know. What is the issue?  The Institute for Women’s Policy Research reported that in 2015, women…

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This Is How Writing Can Make You a Broad-Minded Person

Gloria Kopp - in Focused

Writing may sound like a boring task, reminiscent of your school days, however, many people would benefit from spending some time as a wordsmith on a daily basis. It helps with mental and emotional health; helps wake up your brain, and can even make you a…

5 Key Components to Effective Disaster Preparedness

Scott Cormier, VP of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety Medxcel Facilities Management - in Focused

Natural disasters cause nearly 500 deaths annually in the United States. Unfortunately, healthcare facilities in the U.S. continue to fall short in disaster planning and preparedness. This lack of preparation creates the potential for serious ramifications,…

Four Ways to Hack Your Fitness Routine in an Overwired World

Camille Preston - in Focused

My dear dad always said, “If you want to make sure something gets done, give it to the busiest person you know.”  While this baffled me as a kid, I now see the truth in his words. Looking back, I realize that I always got my best grades when I was also…

Authenticity: The Path to Health and Wellness

Lewis Fein - in Focused

The path to health and wellness requires authenticity. It demands a commitment – by executives and entrepreneurs alike – to developing products that advance nutrition and energy. For corporate wellness is impossible without personal wellness: The latter…

Spring into Shape – Stop Dieting and Pick Up the Dumbbells

Sloane Davis - in Focused

Have been working out for a while and not seeing results?  Are your workouts not working for you? There is a good chance that one or more of these bad habits that you are incorporating into your daily exercise regime is sabotaging your workout. With just…

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What Will Well-being Look Like in 2020

Dean Griffiths - in Focused

Well-being is a $3.72 trillion industry, according to new research released by the Global Wellness Institute. With people living longer and our pace of life only getting faster. Keeping healthy is now a full-time job within itself. On the flip side of this,…

4 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent for Your Workplace

Brenda J. Mullins - in Focused

Company culture is vital to all businesses – big or small. As competition for talent remains a top concern for businesses across all industries, a salary alone is no longer enough to recruit or retain employees. Therefore, it’s important for companies…

Corporate Mindfulness

10 Tips For a Successful Corporate Mindfulness Program

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Focused

We’ve all been there. You’re having a hectic day at work. You have a big assignment due soon, and it’s stressing you out. It’s all you can think about, even before bed. You are not alone! Stress is the number one healthcare problem in the American…

Feed your Brain!

The Care and Feeding of the Brain

by Charles K. Bens, Ph.D. - in Focused

The brain is probably our most complicated and influential organ because it is the control center for virtually everything that happens in our body. Whether we are working, playing, eating or sleeping it is the brain that decides how well we perform and the…