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2017 Healthcare Trends: Employee Access

Ellen Isaacs, RN, BSN, CPHM, CHC – Director of Corporate Health and Wellness, HEALTHWORKS Division, Carolinas HealthCare System. - in Features

One of the keys to lowering employer healthcare costs is addressing chronic healthcare conditions. And the best way to help employees get and stay healthy is by making sure they have access to a variety of care options. We live in an on-demand world. Our schedules…

Helping Employees Understand the Dollar Value of their Voluntary Benefits

Joe Quintana - in Features

As employers struggle to offer a competitive benefits package in an environment of confusing healthcare, education has become the key to benefit appreciation. Employers and employees both agree that great benefits can convince quality professionals to take…

Calculating Healthcare Savings for Employers and Employees

By Daniel J. Birach, President, HEALTHWORKS Division, Carolinas HealthCare System - in Features

With employer healthcare costs steadily on the rise, companies across the country are examining which steps can be taken to reduce expenses. A handful of key choices — including addressing chronic health conditions among employees and providing access to…

The Importance of Brain Optimization for the Executive Type

Zach Younce - in Features

I wanted to write this article based off a few reasons. One of those is because a colleague of mine recently had the world's most credentialed strength and conditioning coach come to speak to all the executives and employees of a very large organization. This…

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Pairing Corporate Wellness with Personal Wellness: Daymon’s Wellness Expert Training Course Attends Expo West 2017

Carl Jorgensen, Director of Thought Leadership-Wellness, Daymon - in Features

At Daymon, there’s a long history of making corporate wellness a priority across our global teams. However, in 2016, the company took it one step further by creating an educational wellness class custom built for our employees. The goal of Daymon’s Wellness…

Live in Your Productivity Zone

Jenny Dodson - in Features

Join Jenny Dodson, as she helps you get into the productivity zone and inform you how becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® can get you there!  

January is National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month

Amy Bair - in Features

Were you aware January is National Blood Donor Month? Why January you ask? Because the winter months are typically the leanest in donations due to inclement weather and seasonal illnesses. This recognition, inspired by the American Red Cross, was first begun…

Insurance working abroad

How Can I Insure my Health While Working Abroad?

Pacific Prime - in Features

There really are few things more valuable than the opportunity to travel the world. If you’ve been chosen by your employer to work abroad, then you get to have the best of both - see amazing foreign lands, and still have a solid income. Whether your destination…

Always Plugged In: America’s Problem with Vacations

by Jeff Romeo - in Features

This just in: Americans are workaholics. Old news, huh? According to a recent Alamo Family Vacation Survey, 41 percent of Americans are leaving their vacation days unused. Why is it that our country has such a hard time taking vacation? There are a number…

Finding The Time On Business Trips

by Ben Walker - in Features

  As an executive, salesman, or any other representative for that matter, you are probably frequently up in the air. Most of the time on work and the remainder of the time on vacation. Traveling between meetings in different cities across the US and Canada…

The Effect of Stem Cell Treatment on Degenerative Eye Diseases

by Laura O’Donnell - in Features

According to the American Optometric Association, the greatest fear of many people is the loss of their eyesight. Yet, loss of vision comes naturally with age, when degenerative eye diseases like macular degeneration are a risk to millions of people every…

Arianna Huffington, National Sleep Foundation wide

Powerful Women in Wellness: Arianna Huffington

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features

Sleep is a necessity for every individual. But not everyone gets the sleep they need. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to sleep, or unable to stay asleep and it affects us in different ways throughout the day. Sleep is essential to our productivity during…