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Insurance working abroad

How Can I Insure my Health While Working Abroad?

Pacific Prime - in Features

There really are few things more valuable than the opportunity to travel the world. If you’ve been chosen by your employer to work abroad, then you get to have the best of both - see amazing foreign lands, and still have a solid income. Whether your destination…


Always Plugged In: America’s Problem with Vacations

by Jeff Romeo - in Features

This just in: Americans are workaholics. Old news, huh? According to a recent Alamo Family Vacation Survey, 41 percent of Americans are leaving their…


Finding The Time On Business Trips

by Ben Walker - in Features

  As an executive, salesman, or any other representative for that matter, you are probably frequently up in the air. Most of the time on work and…

Stem cell

The Effect of Stem Cell Treatment on Degenerative Eye Diseases

by Laura O’Donnell - in Features

According to the American Optometric Association, the greatest fear of many people is the loss of their eyesight. Yet, loss of vision comes naturally with age, when degenerative eye diseases like macular degeneration are a risk to millions of people every…

Arianna Huffington, National Sleep Foundation wide

Powerful Women in Wellness: Arianna Huffington

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features

Sleep is a necessity for every individual. But not everyone gets the sleep they need. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to sleep, or unable to stay asleep and it affects us in different ways throughout the day. Sleep is essential to our productivity during…

Employees solving the retention problem.

New Solutions to the Age-Old Retention Problem

by Dr. Rick Dumas - in Features

Having been involved in worksite marketing in one role or another for the last 17 years, I have benefitted from having strategic conversations with worksite insurance professionals and brokers during this time.  These conversations have allowed me to surmise…

Wake up Call: Good Sleep is Good for Employees

Wake up Call: Good Sleep is Good for Employees

Karen Schwarzbach - in Column, Features

As bleary-eyed employees line up in break rooms across America for their morning coffee – the magic potion that will jump-start their day -- thoughts often swirl about the poor night’s sleep many of them are trying to recover from. Billions of dollars…

A Banner with the words Tobacco: Addiction and Embarrassment and a plume of smoke.

Tobacco: Addiction and Embarrassment

Smoking is a very ‘personal habit’ Working with employees and their spouses in an employer-sponsored tobacco cessation program is an eye-opener for even the most experienced wellness coach. The most reoccurring theme is the embarrassment expressed by participants…

A connected brain showing the concept of the internet of things

Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) to Build Healthier Workforce

J. Patrick Bewley - in Column, Features, Technology

The phrase Internet of Things (IoT) — the exponentially growing phenomenon connecting more and more devices to the Internet — is passing the lips of innovators and executives at industries around the world. They huddle around conference room tables and…

Navigating the maze of wearable device challenges for fitness programs

Game Plan: Making Wearable Devices Part of Corporate Wellness Ecosystem

Anthony Knierim - in Case Study, Column, Features

When many modern companies discuss corporate wellness, they really mean wearable devices and apps. It’s no secret that fitness tracking gadgets — Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, and others — or,wearable devices that can measure steps and other forms of exercise;…

Michele Obama and Sam Kass at a health food demonstration

Wellness: America’s Commander-in-Chef Can Take Heat in Kitchen

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features

Nutritionists will be the first to say that healthy workers who eat the right foods are likely to increase their energy levels, improve their immune systems and perform better on the job. Now think of the heat in the kitchen, then, that Sam Kass walks into…

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini

Forget ROI: Aetna CEO’s Perspective on Wellness & Functionality

Mark Bertolini was no ordinary patient. After  breaking  his neck in five places during a ski accident in 2004, the chairman, chief executive officer and president at Aetna turned his back on conventional painkillers for combating his partial paralysis.…