Are you Certifiable? Join the CHWA at the CWC, Oct. 24-26th, On the Beach Ft. Lauderdale/Miami

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association

is gearing up for one of the most exciting conferences yet! We have a lot to share and I wanted to communicate with each and every one of you about our long awaited certification programs which we have launched!

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Are you Certifiable?

The CHWA offers a Certification Program that is aimed at improving your education and providing you with that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. The program is focused on providing transparency, education and communication. The certification requires 8 hours of educational training, followed by an online exam. In addition to these excellent designations you can also earn SPHR and Continuing Education Credits all at the same time!

Below you will find the program listed and link to more information about becoming certified in Corporate Wellness. You will not only be able to boast your designation on your business cards but you will be able to post the Certification Seal on your business networking sites and your website! Also, once you have passed the exam you will receive your certificate of completion via email and you can submit your expenses for reimbursement for this valuable education!

You can Become Certified October 24-26, 2012 On the Beach~ Fort Lauderdale/Miami

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist™

The best way to predict your future is to create it!

For more information on how to register for the conference and for the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist™ visit the following link:

Our Agenda says it all

See the rich content that will be covered at the conference.

Our goal is to give you the most information possible for your unique industry in order to get you the best return on your investment. We are committed to your growth and are excited to be a part of your continuing education and betterment.

Employer Free VIP Pass

Once again we have been able to cover registration to attend our three day event for Employers that are Human Resource and Benefit Managers/Decision Makers for your benefit plans! This Employer Free VIP Pass is a $695 value!

To be considered for the Employer Free VIP Pass and attend the Corporate Wellness Conference visit the following link:

A complimentary pass will include:
-Access to all four Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress’s educational sessions, seminars and workshops: Voluntary Benefits & Limited Medical, Corporate Wellness, Self Funding & Workers Compensation, and Healthcare Reform
-Access to the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress Exhibit Hall
-Access to the networking software where you can schedule your 16 one-on-one meetings
-Access to the Medical Tourism & Global Benefits Congress Exhibit Hall
-Access to all Medical Tourism & Global Benefits Congress Sessions
For more information about our Certification Programs or our Employer Free VIP Pass email us at

I look forward to seeing you On the Beach!


Sarah Michele Hunt

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