The 3rd Annual Employer Healthcare Congress has been reported to be a huge success.

The Employer Healthcare Congress has reported its third annual conference to be a huge success with a higher and more diverse level of attendees.

Chicago, Ill.- The Congress, partially integrated with the Medical Tourism Association, successfully connected employers and attendees, while presenting hot topic presentations and sessions from leaders in the industry.
Leaders in the industry were able to connect with top healthcare providers from around the world, attend more than 50 sessions focused on Insurance and Employer Healthcare, streamline and implement international healthcare options, walk the Exhibit Hall, and have full access to all the Medical Tourism Association sessions and exhibit halls throughout the entire event.

European Cross Border Healthcare was a hot topic of conversation as Bernard Merkel, head of the Food Safety, Health and Consumer Affairs section of the Delegation of European Union/Commission, presented on strategies related to the opportunities hospitals and governments have to invest in their healthcare infrastructure.
Bill Rancic, the first winner of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” opened the sessions on Thursday with a presentation on entrepreneurial practices, while Cecil Wilson, the 165th President of the American Medical Association, presented on the future of healthcare and healthcare Reform in the United States. John Casey, the Director of International Benefits for Google, Inc., gave insight into how to create the “healthiest employee in the world.” Rounding out the keynote speakers were President of Twist Image Mitch Joel, who presented the importance of marketing in social media in the workplace; and, Dr. Robert Rey, specialist in minimal scar plastic surgery, focused primarily on the importance of working with charities and building an international surgical practice.
The Employer Healthcare Congress looks forward to its 4th annual conference, which will take place in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida on October 24-26th, 2012, at the five star Westin Diplomat Resort on the beach.

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