The 3rd Annual Corporate Wellness Conference is pleased to announce Vision Vitals Foundation as a Silver Sponsor at the conference held on October 26-28, 2011.

The 3rd Annual Corporate Wellness Conference is pleased to announce Vision Vitals Foundation as a Silver Sponsor at their upcoming event held October 26th – 28th in, Schaumburg, Illinois. The Vision Vitals Foundation provides on-site, mobile based comprehensive eye screening services for corporate wellness programs. Screenings are geared to the adult workforce for age-related eye diseases including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Screenings are conducted using state-of- the-art mobile eye screening units fully staffed and supervised by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Screenings can uncover previously undiagnosed eye disease and systemic disease that can be treated and controlled before disease progression occurs and treatment costs escalate where the employer pays more in medical insurance claims. Vision Vitals is a 501 c-3 entity where revenues generated from corporate contracts are used to help underwrite free mobile eye screenings by the Foundation to underserved and underinsured population groups within the United States.

This is the one event per year where corporate wellness benefits professionals, vendors, TPA’s, enrollment firms, insurance agents, brokers, consultants and insurance companies, that offer the wellness programs have the opportunity to meet with top Employers in one place for the ultimate networking event. As a Silver Sponsor, HealthCheck will receive multiple benefits including premium recognition throughout the conference and preferred exhibit booth placement.

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This year we have allocated a budget to bring in up to 400 Sponsored “Employers” of healthcare, including Dell, Land O’ Lakes and Home Depot. The conference will feature up to 1,500 attendees, up to 130 exhibitors and sponsors, and over 50 expert speakers. Save the date today by going to the Corporate Wellness Conference website and register for this once a year event.  Accomplish in three days what would otherwise take you years to do.  Come to the only Corporate Wellness conference in the country that truly brings together the nation’s largest employers and industry professionals. 

The conference is the dedicated annual event of the Corporate Health and Wellness Association, the nonprofit trade association in the Corporate Wellness industry,, and media partner Corporate Wellness Magazine, only dedicated magazine for the corporate wellness industry.

The 3rd Annual Corporate Wellness Conference this year will be sharing an exhibit hall with the Self Funding Employer Healthcare and Workers Compensation Conference,, the Voluntary Benefits & Limited Medical Conference,, and the Healthcare Reform Conference, This means besides significant more attendance this year at our 3rd conference there will be FOUR times the TRAFFIC in the exhibit hall. 


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