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The Corporate Wellness Conference Announces Susan Hannegan, Health Management Program Manager for Jack in the Box as Speaker

The Corporate Wellness Conference announces Susan Hannegan, Health Management Program Manager for Jack in the Box as a Speaker for the conference, taking place September 20th-22nd, 2010 in Los Angeles at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel. The Corporate Wellness Conference is focused on bringing together up to 800 of the best healthcare leaders in the country for 2 days of intense, advanced educational sessions and networking dedicated to corporate wellness, value based benefit design and reducing healthcare costs through health and wellness promotion. http://www.corporatewellnessconference.com.


The Corporate Wellness Conference is committed to bringing in leading expert speakers from Employers, Insurance Companies, the U.S. Government and Consultants to share what corporate wellness plans have worked for them.

Those involved in corporate wellness, healthcare and health insurance need to come to the Corporate Wellness Conference to learn what corporate wellness plans are working and which are not and find out where the future is headed for the corporate wellness industry.  Discover what practical solutions you can implement that really work and which concepts simply have failed.


For a complete list of speakers, visit http://www.corporatewellnessconference.com/speakers.html.





Employer Healthcare Congress Announces Key Speakers

The Annual Employer Healthcare Congress announces its key speakers for their September 20th-22nd, 2010 event.  Taking place in Los Angeles, CA at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, they are expecting up to 2,000 attendees, 120 exhibitors, 75 expert speakers and over 3,000 pre-scheduled networking meetings.  The Employer Healthcare Congress will feature a shared exhibit hall with 4 individual conferences – the Corporate Wellness Conference, the Voluntary Benefits Conference, the National Healthcare Reform Conference and the Self Funding Employer Healthcare & Workers Compensation Conference.  Within each individual conference they are hoping to showcase the excellent benefits of these specific plans for employers while also driving four times the amount of traffic for their exhibitors and sponsors in the exhibit hall. For more information please visit http://www.employerhealthcarecongress.com.

Some of the key speakers are:

Susan Hannegan
Health Management Program Manager
Jack in the Box

Rob Davenport
Wellness Manager
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Vicki Robinson
Manager, Insurance Services Division
City of Las Vegas

Colleen DePadua
Manager of Group Insurance
Black & Decker

Pete Thomas
Contestant and Winner of Losing the Highest Percentage of Weight
The Biggest Loser – Season 2

Randy Moon
Vice President of Global Compensation & Benefits
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)

Bob Trujillo
Senior Global Benefits Compliance Manager
Kraft Foods Global, Inc.

Christina Harmon
Director of Benefits Administration
Ruby Tuesday

Michael Barrett
Director of Risk Managment
Ruby Tuesday

Jacqueline Madrigal
Benefits Manager
American Apparel

Bernie Knobbe
Vice President, Strategic Benefits
ACS, a Xerox Company

Pani Tademeti
HR Manager- Total Compensation
Office of State Personnel for North Carolina

Dr. Theresa M. Vaughan
Chief Executive Officer
National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Clement Opare
Division Manager, Employee Health and Welfare
African Development Bank (ADB)

Jeanene Martin
Senior Vice President for Human Resources
WakeMed Health & Hospitals

Dean Stone
Manager, Workers Compensation & Governance
National Australian Bank

Jim Carnicella
Human Resources/Risk Management Director
City of Ocoee

Jim Mattison
Market Vice President, Broker Sales
Aflac Incorporated

Ebi Awosika, MD
Director, Employee Health Promotion Disease
Veterans Health Administration

Dr. Prem Jagyasi
Exhealth, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rob Thurston
HR Consulting Group, Inc.

Dr. Joseph P. Annis
Secretary, Board of Trustees
American Medical Association

David Cheek
Vice President of Sales
Pan-American Benefits Solutions, Inc.

Avi Smith
Benefits Manager
B&H Photo

Robyn Piper
Piper Jordan, LLC

William (Bill) Barcelona
V.P. Government Affairs
California Association of Physicians Groups

Robert Shestack
Workplace Voluntary Benefits

Jason Krouse
Vice President Specialized
USI Affinity, Univers Workplace Benefits, Emerson Reid

Brian N. Anderson
Milliman, Inc.

Kimberly Darling
Founder & President
Competitive Health, Inc.

Daniel Opinante
Seneca Consulting

The Employer Healthcare Congress is made up of 4 cutting edge and innovative conferences: the Corporate Wellness Conference, the Voluntary Benefits and Limited Medical Conference, the Self Funding Conference and the National Healthcare Reform Conference. It is sponsored by the Corporate Wellness Magazine, the Voluntary Benefits Magazine, the National Healthcare Reform Magazine and the Self Funding Magazine. For a complete list of sponsors please visit http://www.corporatewellnessconference.com/exhibitors-and-sponsors.html.