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David Chenoweth, Ph.D.

How to make evaluating your program simple.

How to Simplify Your Wellness Program Evaluation

by David Chenoweth, Ph.D. - in Economics

By: David Chenoweth, Ph.D. Among the events that continue to shape the dynamic, ever-changing worksite wellness industry, there certainly is a lot of discussion on program evaluation these days. For years, many organizations – especially larger employers…

Big Data is coming to wellness programs, make sure you know to use that data to your advantage.

How to Make Big Data Work for Your Wellness Program

David Chenoweth, Ph.D. - in Others

In today’s era of “big data” and “data analytics”, it is natural to see growing interest among corporate wellness managers to leverage this information to drive their programs, policies, and incentives. Of course, before you can leverage it, you…

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