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Generation Z

Generation Z – The ‘Just Google-it’ Generation

Kim Bassett - in Others

Imagine growing up in a world where Google has always existed. Where Facebook is as much of a staple as Nickelodeon or the Johnny Carson Show. A world where terrorists and 9/11 are not only a reality but also a history lesson, told and explained to them like…

Chronic Pain and an Active Lifestyle: Lessons in Recovery

Lewis Fein - in Others

If we want to better promote corporate wellness and if we want a workforce as productive as it is protective of its health, then we need to educate employers and employees alike about the best way to confront a problem affecting tens of millions of people…

Unify Your Company Culture

How to Unify Your Company Culture

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Editorial

Advertorial North Carolina-based Novareté has a simple goal, to make the values of your company an actual part of your company culture. By moving your values “out of the handbook,” Novareté wants to help employers unify their culture and ultimately make…

Insurance working abroad

How Can I Insure my Health While Working Abroad?

Pacific Prime - in Features

There really are few things more valuable than the opportunity to travel the world. If you’ve been chosen by your employer to work abroad, then you get to have the best of both - see amazing foreign lands, and still have a solid income. Whether your destination…

A woman asking forgiveness

Forgiveness in the Workplace: A Wellness Perspective

Judi Hennebry Wise & Lori Golden - in Mental Health

  When was the last time you heard someone in your organization say, “I’m sorry”, to a colleague or “I forgive you” to a leader? While these phrases were ingrained in us as children, they seemed to have gotten lost on the way to the office.…

Black Friday Sale 2016

3 Black Friday Tips for Saving Even More Money

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Focused

“If you catch yourself drooling while making your Black Friday shopping list, don’t be surprised,” says Dr. Kit Yarrow, an author and consumer psychologist who also just happens to be a retail expert. A retail expert? Yes, that’s right! Yarrow has…

Protecting Patients: Effective Health Care and Defective Drugs

Michael D. Shaw - in Others

Practicing effective health care starts with protecting patients from dangerous medications or procedures. The cost of inaction is morally wrong and financially devastating. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "even without…

Taking the Long-term View of Wellness ROI

Michael P. Curran - in Worksite Wellness

Three years ago, the Rand Corporation published a report on Worksite Wellness Programs (1) revealing positive returns on investments in disease management, as well as some disappointing results for changing lifestyle behavior. But the authors of the Rand report…

6 Sides of a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Kerry Alison Wekelo - in Worksite Wellness

  Work and home used to have much cleaner boundaries before the age of 24/7 connectivity. We blend work with just about everything, but then compartmentalize how we view work versus our personal life and outside activities. We forget to compare the amount…

Chronic Stress - Churning and Burning

Chronic Stress: Do You Churn & Burn Your Days?

Ed Harrold - in Mental Health

During the 20th Century, the burden of disease shifted quite significantly to be one from changes in our lifestyle. In the early 1900’s, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis were the leading causes of death in our culture. Since 2010, the leading causes of death are…

Caring for the Caregivers in the Workplace

Caring for the Caregivers in the Workplace

Norbert “Bert” Alicea - in Others

Millions of Americans, including approximately 20 percent of the workforce, provide ongoing care for older loved ones or those with chronic health conditions. This number is expected to grow, making caregiving a critical workplace issue. Employees who provide…