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Building Resiliency in the Workplace Enhances Health and Wellbeing

Leanna Lilly, MS, PHR, CCWS - Health Management Specialist, Keenan - in Mental Health

We all experience stress in our daily lives. From raising families and managing finances to juggling schedules and caring for loved ones. And that’s all before we set foot into the office in the morning. When we arrive at work, we have emails piling up,…

How Corporate Social Responsibility Connects Us to Consumers

Catherine Hernandez-Blades, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Aflac - in Others

Long gone are the days of disengaged consumers, whose allegiance is garnered merely through coupons and loyalty programs. Today’s customers are increasingly sophisticated and selective. They like to keep their finger on the pulse of the companies with which…

Leaders, Employee Well-Being Starts with You

Rebecca Johnson - in Worksite Wellness

Whether your company is considering wellness initiatives or has a solid program already in motion, the most important thing you can do for your employees’ well-being is to focus on your organization’s culture. Health fairs, onsite yoga and healthier food…

Energy Medicine: Managing Your Energetic Environment to Master Your Life

Dr. Sue Morter - in Features

Science is showing us that everything is energy - including you!  Everything in the universe is comprised of energy vibrating at different frequencies. This energy manifests from subtle, unseen frequencies, to the realm of dense physical matter depending…

How healthcare literacy can save your life

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Focused

If you know someone or have personal experience being in a healthcare treatment ecosystem you have most likely experienced the confusing, helpless feeling of being shifted between offices, trying to schedule appointments, understand your diagnosis or diagnostic…

The Cost of Employee Fitness: Do Financial Incentives Make Cents?

Victor Tringali, MS, CSCS, *D - in Worksite Wellness

Physical activity is associated with improved health and can help mitigate or delay the onset of many diseases, including types of cancer, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and osteoarthritis while improving quality of life in healthy…

Interview with a Wellness Manager, Sapoznik Insurance

Jenny Dodson-Jenkins - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

The Corporate Health & Wellness Association recently sat down with Rodica Charles who is the wellness manager at Sapoznik Insurance.  She has shared her philosophy about being a wellness professional, her strategy to ensure her clients are well-served,…

Sleep: An Important Concern for Health and Productivity at Work

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Sleep

The effects of sleep on health and productivity are often underestimated, yet sleep deprivation remains a substantial risk factor for decreased workplace productivity, work errors, as well as occupational injuries which cost employers billions of dollars every…

Strategies to Tackle Workplace Tobacco Use

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is a public health problem worldwide, being a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease and cancer which are the leading causes of death worldwide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tobacco smoking remains…

Allamanda Elementary School Magazine Image

One Elementary School is Changing Where Wellness Starts: Allamanda “Healthyville”

Brandon Fertig, Managing Editor, Corporate Wellness Magazine - in News & Insights

In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, one elementary school is paving the way for the future of health and wellness in school districts across the nation. Allamanda Elementary School is pioneering programs to improve the lives of students and families – programs…

Why Companies Are Embracing Corporate Mindfulness

Anne Krog Iversen, Chief DNA & Culture Officer at TimeXtender - in Others

Let’s face it. We want the best for both our company and our employees. Our employees are truly the essence of what makes a company thrive. Sure, strategic management, business practices, and innovation are all drivers for helping a company to flourish through…

Setting the Record Straight – Genomic VS Genetic Test Results

Roberta L. Kline, MD FACOG and Joe R. Veltmann, FAAIM DCCN - in Genomics

Genoma International is pleased to present a series of four articles for corporate executives, medical and HR directors who are considering or interested in providing genomic testing to your employees and have concerns, might be confused or need clarity about…

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